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Sunday, 1 July 2018  |  Posted by Sarah Nicolas

Get to know your fellow Pitch Wars hopefuls, alumni, and mentors this summer with our #PWPoePrompts game, brought to you in cooperation with the 2017 Pitch Wars Mentee class!


Have fun with it and don’t worry if you miss a day or jump in late. No pressure, we promise!

Each day, at 9am eastern, we’ll tweet the image with the day’s prompt, but feel free to jump in before then if you’re an early bird or international.

The prompts are:
July 1: Introduce yourself
July 2: Best writing snacks
July 3: writing nook
July 4: favorite childhood book
July 5: revision tips
July 6: #FridayReads (i.e. what are you reading right now)
July 7: Most anticipated 2018 books
July 8: Favorite writing craft book
July 9: Favorite diverse book
July 10: First line of your manuscript
July 11: search your manuscript for “fly” and post the sentence
July 12: #ThursdayAesthetic for your main character
July 13: Your main character’s fears
July 14: Comp titles for your book
July 15: Mentor announcements: What are you looking for in a mentor?
July 16: #MusicMonday: writing playlists
July 17: Non-writing interests
July 18: Last line of your manuscript
July 19: #ThursdayAesthetic for your antagonist
July 20: Dream cover inspiration
July 21: #ShelfieSaturday
July 22: Main Character’s Hogwarts house
July 23: writers block tips
July 24: Line from your earliest work
July 25: Who do you ship?
July 26: #ThankfulThursday
July 27: GIF: readers finish your book and will feel…
July 28: Setting inspiration
July 29: Describe your plot with emojis
July 30: Your greatest strength
July 31: #BoostMyBio begins! Whose manuscript are you excited to read and why?

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  • Janette Shipston Chan says:

    Hi, I’m on EST and at your 9AM, I might not be able to get a tweet out — is there a cut off time? Also, I’m getting your emails, but not your tweets…
    how do i remedy that?


  • My dream cover has my heroine in her battle-ready outfit. I’d like to have trees with spiders in them in the background.

  • My MC’s Hogwart’s house is Gryffindor. She’s brave and loyal and has the heart to follow through even when things get tough.

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