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#PWPoePrompts are back! 

Monday, 28 September 2020  |  Posted by Rochelle Karina












This year’s #PWPoePrompts social media challenge will run from Oct 2 – Nov 6

Join us for the third annual #PWPoePrompts social media challenge and get to know the Pitch Wars community! 

What: #PWPoePrompts is a completely optional, just-for-fun, social media challenge.

When: This year #PWPoePrompts will run during the reading period, from when the submission window closes until the class of 2020 is announced, October 2 – November 6

Why: We hope this helps to keep the Pitch Wars community active during the waiting period, and provides opportunities for writers to get to know each other, make new friends, and be creative. Also, fun!

Who: We invite anyone and everyone to participate in #PWPoePrompts! Mentee hopefuls, Pitch Wars alumns, mentors, writers at any and all stages of their journey, readers, anyone who wants to connect with the writing and Pitch Wars community online, or anyone who just enjoys a fun social media challenge — All welcome!

Where: Twitter and/or Instagram

How: We will post the prompt of the day on our accounts on Twitter & Instagram. Post your photos and/or captions in response to the prompt of the day using the hashtag #PWPoePrompts; then search the hashtag to see other members of the community’s posts. We hope this will allow opportunities for writers to virtually “meet’ and get to know each other. 

What if… I don’t want to do every single #PWPoePrompt? No worries! Hop in and out on the ones you feel like!

What do…  some of these #PWPoePrompts even mean? Some of the prompts are marked as “OTI” or Open To Interpretation. We hope this leaves things open for creativity and inspiration — we know not everyone will interpret the prompt the same way, and it will be fun to see where your creativity takes you. Share what resonates — something about you, your thoughts on writing,  a favorite read, or even a MS word search for a line that fits the prompt. We want everyone to have the flexibility to be creative with these! 

Thank you! Many, many thanks to Adelle Yeung, Pitch Wars class of 2017, who originated the #PWPoePrompts!

Have questions? DM us on Twitter, or email PitchWars@gmail.com. Have fun!

Plain text of prompts:

10/2 Introduce yourself

10/3 OTI: Ink

10/4 Binge-worthy

10/5 Socially distant

10/6 Writing glow up

10/7 OTI: Three

10/8 Monochrome

10/9 Friday reads

10/10 Fave things

10/11 Writing playlist

10/12 OTI: Weather

10/13 WIP Aesthetic

10/14 Hobbies

10/15 OTI: Motion

10/16 Friday Reads

10/17 Handwritten

10/18 OTI: Green

10/19 Book shelfie

10/20 CP Shoutout

10/21 OTI: Mask

10/22 Snacks & bevies

10/23 Friday reads

10/24 Pets & plants

10/25 Something small

10/26 Craft game changers 

10/27 Indie shoutout

10/28 Writing space

10/29 OTI: Heart

10/30 Friday reads

10/31 Dress up

11/1 November goals

11/2 OTI: Time travel

11/3 OTI: Community

11/4 OTI: Stretch

11/5 OTI: The End

11/6 Friday reads


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