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PW #419: Adult Science Fiction: BLUE DAWN

Monday, 2 November 2015  |  Posted by Brenda Drake

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Manuscript Status: Finished

Mentor Name: Emmie Mears
Mentee Name: Bennett North
Category: Adult
Genre: Science Fiction
Word Count: 88,000


Letty Salazar, assistant director of Corporate Warfare at Blue Dawn, designed a death ray to destroy rival corporation PanTech. Her wife soups up supersoldiers with Kevlar skin implants. But when Blue Dawn’s CEO starts “volunteering” POWs for experiments and Letty suspects she’s also tampering with staff minds, Letty’s no longer certain which side her death ray should target. She has to get out with her wife while Seong-mi is still the woman she married — but escape is dangerous when you’re a clone with a shelf life and your company’s CEO owns the digital blueprint of your brain to exploit… or destroy.


“I’ll pay you ten bucks if you drag my wife out of there.” Letty flapped ten ones temptingly, leaning against the wall outside the Bioengineering and Cybernetic Enhancements lab. The hall was empty, since everyone else had already fucked off to lunch.

The baby scientist hesitated as the door behind him shut with a click. He was a new employee, barely out of college, one of those adorable young ones who got all flustered at the idea of breaking protocol. “Do you mean Dr. Bae? I don’t think I can…drag…I mean she’s my boss…”

“Ten dollars can buy you so much processed chicken paste.” Letty waved the ones a little closer to his face. “So much. You don’t even know.”

His eyes darted to the ID clipped to her collar. “Um, don’t you have a keycard?”

“What does this say?” She tapped it.

He leaned forward. “It says Dr. Leticia Salazar, Assistant Director of Weapons Engineering and Corporate Warfare.”

“That doesn’t sound like Cyber to me. So I need you to go drag my wife out of there. I get to have lunch with my wife, you get all the chicken paste you can eat, and we’re both happy.”


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