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PW #339: Young Adult Dark Fantasy: SOMETHING WICKED

Thursday, 2 November 2017  |  Posted by Brenda Drake

Manuscript Status: Finished

Mentor: Natasha Neagle

Mentee: Cori Vella


Category: Young Adult

Genre: Dark Fantasy

Word Count: 93,000


When high school senior Lydia scores a job at a hotel claimed to be haunted by a witch hanged in 1660, she’s ready for ghostly encounters. What she’s not prepared for is being the final ingredient in a witch’s sinister ritual.


To spark attraction…


Locks of hair from BENEFICIARIES
Lengths of cord for passion, love, and attraction: 1 red, 1 pink, 1 orange
Dirt from crossroads, 1 handful
8 oz pure vanilla oil
1 rose-colored candle
Ritual tools: altar, altar cloth, cauldron, long-handled spoon, matches or lighter


I. Knot the cords at one end, then braid together.

II. Knot the end of the braid, then make ten additional knots throughout the length of braided cord making twelve knots total.

III. Pour vanilla oil into cauldron and mix with crossroads dirt until well-blended. Position cauldron in the altar’s center.

IV. Add knotted cord to cauldron and fully immerse in vanilla mixture.

V. Light candle, then use to ignite the pieces of hair. Drop into cauldron.

VI. Extinguish candle between the left heart-finger and thumb. Leave cauldron mixture to burn out.

NOTE: Newfound lovers may taste or smell vanilla upon each other and on objects the other has touched. This is not dangerous, but if it occurs, it won’t dissipate. Please take care with allergies and odor sensitivities.



There’s barf on my pirate costume. It’s not the bitty baby throw-up you can just wipe clean, either; it’s full on mega-vom. I have no explanation for it.

“Hurry up, Lindsey,” Krystle yells at me from the back office. “Your section’s getting full!”

My name isn’t Lindsey—it’s Lydia. And Krystle, the assistant manager from hell, knows that. She also knows I closed last night, opened today, and am pulling a double to close again tonight.


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