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PW #335: Young Adult Spy-Thriller #ownvoices: THE PRINCE OF PAWNS

Thursday, 2 November 2017  |  Posted by Brenda Drake

Manuscript Status: One month delivery

Mentor Name: Kes Trester

Mentee Name: Jesse Frailey


Category: Young Adult

Genre: Spy-Thriller #ownvoices

Word Count: 65,000


Wade Cannon is a sixteen-year-old chess prodigy straight outta Compton. All he wants is to win one more major chess tournament to become a grandmaster. If that takes him out of the hood, even better. Everything changes when the CIA shows up convinced he’s the next James Bond in Jordans.

In exchange for a ticket to The Prince of Pawns Tournament, Wade must stay one move ahead in a deadly new game when the CIA enrolls him in the same high school as a suspected teen terrorist. He’ll need help from Link, a wisecracking A.I. sidekick, to foil the best moves of an opposing prodigy in both chess and in a plot to assassinate the man who could be America’s next president.
An #ownvoices manuscript, THE PRINCE OF PAWNS can be described as STORMBREAKER meets WATCHDOGS 2.


Wade Cannon was about to go viral. He just didn’t know it yet.

He was playing chess in the park when trouble rolled up. On the streets of Compton, when gang members arrived, everyone noticed. Wade glanced over the shoulder of his opponent. A deep red Impala with chrome rims pulled to the curb. The blaring Kendrick Lamar track rattling the windows died when the engine cut off.

The old man playing white to Wade’s black cocked his head. Moses was seventy years old and blind since birth, but even he could sense the danger brewing. He shifted on the hard park bench.

If Moses could see, he’d have known the sixteen-year-old across from him looked more like a high school quarterback than a teenage chess prodigy. His hair was braided in tight cornrows, lined up razor sharp, and his shrewd almond shaped eyes seemed to take in life the same way they scanned a chessboard.

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