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PW #321: Young Adult Contemporary LGBT (Own Voices): FEMSLASH

Friday, 4 November 2016  |  Posted by Nikki Roberti

Manuscript Status: Finished

Mentor: Kes Trester/Jennifer Hawkins
Mentee: Anna Brittian
Category: Young Adult
Genre: Contemporary LGBT (Own Voices)
Word Count: 60,000


YOU’VE GOT MAIL meets FANGIRL: By day, Iliana and Rhodes tear each other down to the studs as they compete for the same scholarship. By night, they unknowingly piece each other together again through their performing art school’s anonymous fanfic community. Worlds collide when Iliana’s laptop is stolen and an online bully threatens to make their identities—and their relationship—public knowledge. FEMSLASH would appeal to fans of Becky Albertalli, Adam Silvera, and Robin Talley.


Rhodes Ingram never thought she’d peak at seventeen.

She always knew better than to be a braggart – mastery of her craft would be couched somewhere between variety of style in her graduating class and the subjective nature of personal taste. But there it was, just the same, winking from around the edges of a humble facade.

Today, India ink has dried under her nails and it stains the webs between her fingers. Graphite blackens her wrists and knuckles, smudges her jawbone, and marks the inside corners of her eyes.

It could be bruises. It could be camouflage.

On critique day, it’s both.

Iliana Vrionides’ hand shoots up from the front of the room, all-too-familiar and fastidiously clean. This moment is a calculated blow, and Rhodes braces for impact.

“The difference between a dog walking all over a canvas with paint on his feet and a human doing the same thing is creative expression.” Iliana gestures to where Rhodes’ work hangs pinned to the wall. “This? Isn’t art. It’s the product of a raccoon with a paintbrush tied to its paw. You’re going through the motions, and it means literally nothing to you.”

Iliana Vrionides is a bitch.

She’s brutal.

She’s mean spirited.

Worst of all, she’s right.

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