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PW #315: Young Adult Speculative Fiction: GIRL UNPLUGGED

Friday, 4 November 2016  |  Posted by Nikki Roberti

Manuscript Status: 2-3 weeks delivery

Mentor name: Austin Aslan
Mentee name: Nicole Rivera
Category: Young Adult
Genre: Speculative Fiction
Word Count: 70,000


Sixteen-year-old Natalie Turner never knows what to say. Talia Turner is a popular blogger who’s witty, insightful, and trending. You’d never know they were the same person. When a solar storm causes a catastrophic collapse of power while she’s on a class trip, Natalie is forced to confront a terrifying question: Who is she, really? Natalie, or Talia?


Posted to TALIA’S TALES  

Oct 5 @ 3:12PM

I was minding my own business, peeps. Sure, I had my phone out. And, sure, we all know that’s not the way of their world here in the hallowed halls of academia, but what’s a girl to do with a phone threatening to transform into a metal and plastic brick within moments?

Action had to be taken!

A charge was needed!

This girl required connection!

I even did my best to perpetuate the fraud —THE LORD OF THE FLIES was open (and to the appropriate page!) on the top of my desk. All was well with the world. I was sure of it.

I was wrong.

The curmudgeon — let’s call him “Mr. G” — says, “You know the rules,” while pulling my phone by its charge cord (what disrespect!) off of my lap. Then he tells me, “You can get this back at detention this afternoon.”


Wait. That’s not even the best part. This guy does all of this while brandishing his own phone on some dorky-ass belt clip in my face.

Is he for real?

You guys all know a guy like this, right? Tell me I’m not alone.

Well, actually I am. I’m in detention all alone. Surrounded by computers all tuned to some science news about the sun.

Send help, my peeps. Entertain me. I am in your hands for the next hour, let’s connect.


#unplugged #helpmeimindetention #sendhelp #entertainme  #theMANisgettingmedown

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