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PW #125: Adult Contemporary Romance: A HEART'S DESIGN

Wednesday, 2 November 2016  |  Posted by Brenda Drake

Manuscript Status: FINISHED

Mentor Name: Scarlett Cole
Mentee Name: Natalee Cooper
Category/Genre: Adult Contemporary Romance
Word Count: 65,000


When Madison lands a project with real estate tycoon Jase Cutter, one that will ignite her architectural career, she doesn’t expect his request for secrecy—or to fall hard for the sexy-sweet bachelor who’s haunted by a past he can’t escape. But when one leaked story fuels a firestorm of doubt, Madison realizes she stands to lose her career, and her heart.


Architect Madison Blakeley stared wide-eyed into a sea of dark suits and little black dresses, all accented with platinum cufflinks and cascading diamonds. She smoothed her own scarlet gown with shaky hands.

“Never again let me take the advice of a style magazine. Bold colors are definitely not all the rage.” She twisted her bracelet, her choice in evening wear taunting her already tight nerves.

“Oh, come on.” Eric Strand peered over the crowd. “Those two women aren’t wearing black. And at least you didn’t seek advice from the senator’s wife.” He gestured to the curvy blonde’s gold and white striped skirt that could have doubled as a mini circus tent.

He had a point.

The backdrop to the exclusive gala, the Stratton hotel, was stunning with its burgundy walls and gold damask patterns—both of which glinted under the dramatic lighting of the chandeliers dripping from the ceiling. But none of that mattered.

Where are you, Jase Cutter?

Madison followed Eric through a crowd of guests who’s cocktail of perfumes and cologne whispered of money and importance and tried not to be overwhelmed. “Any sign of him?”

“Not yet, but I’m sure the bachelor won’t be too hard to spot. Or, what is it they’re calling him these days? Brilliant real estate mogul?” He snorted, drawing a few looks.

Madison didn’t care what people called him, she cared about making a good impression.

No. Not good—unforgettable.


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