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PW #102: Adult Romantic Suspense: IN THE NAME OF THE MOTHER

Tuesday, 31 October 2017  |  Posted by Brenda Drake

Manuscript Status: Finished

Mentor Name: Marty Mayberry

Mentee Name: Anne Raven


Category: Adult

Genre: Romantic Suspense

Word Count: 91,000


The Punisher meets Revenge. Bail enforcement agent Alex is hell-bent on finally avenging her murdered mother. Shot while investigating the crime, Alex turns to Reid, the man she once pushed away. Together, they work to expose the dirty cops who covered up her mother’s homicide, but when Alex’s life is threatened, she fears Reid will be next. Unless she eliminates her stepfather, the man she loves will become collateral damage.


Alex Keller’s plot to murder her stepfather was off to a rocky start.

Blood dripped from her fingertips as she shivered against the chilly breeze coming off the San Francisco Bay. A police siren shrieked through the night air, too distant to be for her. She stumbled across the pavement to the warehouse, leaving a trail of muddy boot prints and dark red droplets.

The fire licking up her arm had died down to a weak burn sometime during the drive across town. Not a good sign.

She wheezed as she searched for the hole in the mesh fence and eased through the gap. Wincing, she curled her good arm around her torso as if it would magically fix the blunt force trauma to her ribcage. Thankfully, she’d grabbed the bullet-resistant vest she kept handy for her day job, otherwise she’d be bleeding out in somebody’s backyard.

Jagged bricks cut into her hands as she used the warehouse to hold herself upright. She smashed her elbow through the first windowpane she found, the deserted old shipyard swallowing the sound, and lifted herself up onto the ledge. When she teetered off balance, she grabbed the frame and glass ripped through her palm. She hissed. Her legs buckled, and she sprawled onto the warehouse floor.

God, she was a mess.

Served her right for going after O’Connell before she was ready.

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