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PitchMadness Recap

Wednesday, 14 March 2012  |  Posted by Brenda Drake
First off, I want to thank all the agents who made this such a success. There were a few glitches but everyone was so kind and they were fixed quickly. 

John Cusick – Scott Treimel NY 

Sarah LaPolla – Curtis Brown 
Sara Sciuto – Full Circle Literary 
Molly Ker Hawn – The Bent Agency 
Lauren Hammond – ADA Management 
Judith Engracia – Liza Dawson Assoc. 
Carlie Webber – Jane Rotrosen Agency 
Louise Fury – L. Perkins Agency 
Gordon Warnock – Andrea Hurst literary 
Kevan Lyon – Marsal Lyon Literary Agency
The Wild Card Agent: Victoria Marini – Gelfman Schneider Literary Agents

Next, I want to thank Shelley Watters and Cassandra Marshall for co-hosting this awesome contest with me. You both rock! Check out their sites for the other entries in the contest.
Then, Erica Chapman for reading through the first round of slush with me, and sometimes again when I just couldn’t decide on my reads.
Finally, to all the 198 participants who put themselves out there. It was so hard to choose the best entries for the contest. There were some entries I said yes to that didn’t make it. A lot made it to the contenders round. If you didn’t get to the match round or didn’t get a request, please remember that reading is subjective. You just have to find that person who falls in love with your manuscript. There was an entry that I was stoked about and absolutely loved that didn’t get a request. And then there was one that I pulled out of the trash because I really liked it, and it got tons of requests. So you see, it’s just a luck game sometimes. Keep writing. Keep querying. And keep playing the game.

And the winning hands …

B-1 PECULIAR DARK – winner Judith Engracia – Three of a Kind (Q + 50 pages)
B-2 ParaWars: UPRISING – winner Louise Fury – Two Pair (Q + 25 pgs.) 

B-3 THE GOOD DIE YOUNG – redacted due to a pending offer

B-4: SOUL-CALLED LIFE – winner Carlie Webber – Straight (Q + 75 pgs.) 

B-5: FOREVER FRIDAY – winner Judith Engracia –  Four of a Kind (Q + 150 pgs.)
B-6: DENIZENS – winner Sara Sciuto – Three of a Kind (Q + 50 pgs.) 
B-7: VENOM’S CURSE  – winner Louise Fury – Three of a Kind (Q + 50 pgs.)  
B-8: NUMBERLESS – winner Sara Sciuto – Flush ( Q + 100 pgs.) 
B-9: PELE AND YO-YO – winner Molly Ker Hawn – Full House (full request) 
B-10:THE PIRATE OF VALLENTA – winner John Cusick – Two Pair (Q + 25 pgs.)

B-11: CHANGELING – winner John Cusick – Straight (Q + 75 pgs.)

B-12: FLICKER went into a CHALLENGE round against John Cusick and Victoria Marini bidding Royal Flushes – ultimately, Victoria won a Full request!
B-13: SCAVENGER HUNT – winner Molly Ker Hawn – Straight Flush (winners choice) 
B-14: DUSTED – winner John Cusick – Three of a Kind (Q + 50 pgs.)
B-15 BODYGUARDING EVIL – winner John Cusick – Flush (Q & 100 pages)
B-16: THE PACKING HOUSE – winner Gordon Warnock – Flush (Q + 100 pgs.)
B-17: PROJECT: SINNERS CAN BE SAINTS – winner Molly Ker Hawn – Full House (full request)

B-18: HOW TO DATE A NERD went into a CHALLENGE round against John Cusick and Carlie Webber bidding Flushes – ultimately, Carlie won a Full request!
B-19: SWEET AMBROSIA – winner Lauren Hammond – Full House (full request)
B-20: THELMA BEE – winner Molly Ker Hawn – Full House (full request)

Check the sidebar if you want to read any of them.

Until next time … that’s it!

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