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Pitch Wars Road Show … join us at the RT Booklovers Convention in Atlanta!

Monday, 10 April 2017  |  Posted by Brenda Drake

Pitch Road Show(2)

Going to the Romantic Times Booklovers Convention in Atlanta? Come meet many of our mentors at the Pitch Wars Road Show on May 3 from 11AM to 1:15PM in the Piedmont room. Bring your short pitch and the mentors will help you hone your pitch before presenting to industry professionals. Don’t know what Pitch Wars is? Check out this page for more information. Pitch Wars has garnered over 200 successful agent matches and many have landed book deals since 2012. Our mentors are amazing!

We’ll be going over short pitches, queries, winning first pages, and synopses lead by Jennifer Blackwood, Elizabeth Briggs, Jen Malone, and Pintip Dunn.

Don’t want pitch help? Everyone is welcome to come and watch and enter for a chance to win the mentors’ books and gift baskets/bags!

What will we be doing during the event?

  • Learn the key ingredients for a perfect pitch and more.
  • You’ll team up with a mentor for a quick critique. We hope to get to everyone, but with not knowing how many will attend, we may be limited. We’ll be handing out critique coupons so arrive early to snag one. If we finish early, we’ll try to get to everyone.
  • Win books, swag, and other prizes!

What do you need to bring? A short pitch, notebook, & pen.

Pitch types to bring (you don’t have to bring all of them):

  • Conference pitch
  • Elevator pitch
  • 35-word pitch
  • Twitter pitch
  • The meat of your query (mini-synopsis pitch)

The mentor can only help you with one pitch and it will be a verbal critique, so you’ll need to take notes.

Our team …

  • Brenda Drake, host
  • Heather Cashman, MC (moderator)
  • Monica M. Hoffman, co-host
  • Jennifer Blackwood
  • Elly Blake
  • Elizabeth Briggs
  • Erica M. Chapman
  • Pintip Dunn
  • Molly Lee
  • Jen Malone
  • Mary Ann Marlowe
  • Sarah Nicolas (AKA: Aria Kane)
  • Heather Van Fleet
  • Amy Reichert
  • Stephanie Scott
  • Kristin Wright
  • Rebecca Yarros
  • Ashley Hearn
  • Cole Gibsen
  • Tomi Adeyemi
  • Cat Scully
  • Linsey Miller
  • C.B. Catalano
  • CM McCoy
  • Melissa Marino
  • Kristin Smith





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