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Pitch Wars. Knowing the Numbers … by May B. Bridges

Monday, 9 November 2015  |  Posted by Brenda Drake


May B. Bridges


Writing romance, upmarket, and women’s fiction.

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Pitch Wars. Knowing the Numbers.
By May B. Bridges

125 pitches. 72 hours. 588 requests.

The Pitch Wars numbers are in. Mentees spent two months cutting, dicing, adding, elaborating, scrubbing, and polishing their manuscripts. We worked and reworked—more times than we care to admit—50 or so words into the perfect pitch. Then we thrust our shiny words into the world for agents to see. Agents delved into 125 pitches and dished out 588 request in around 72 hours. That’s nuts! I hope those agents are ready to read. So what were agents into, going crazy over, putting on their boxing gloves for? Let’s look at the numbers.

PW Graph 1

PW Graph 4

PW Graph 3

PW Graph 2

The top requested manuscript, with 25 requests, was a contemporary from the MG section. In YA it was a Fantasy that had agents dreaming of a far off land and landing 21 requests. NA/A had agents feeling the love and sending one Romance 11 requests. You can still read all of the pitches and excerpts. Comments are open so you can show your support for your favorites. If you’re an agent still sneaking around, there isn’t a manuscript among them you can go wrong with.

Requests 1


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