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Pitch Wars Interviews with Kayla Rivera and Rebecca Sky

Wednesday, 9 September 2015  |  Posted by Brenda Drake

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Welcome to the Pitch Wars Team Interviews by Marnise Nicole

Bringing you a closer look each Pitch War Team and their project.

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Meet Kayla River and Rebecca Sky

Team: GameGirlZ


Rivera, tell us a little about yourself.   

I’m Kayla The Rivera, a Brexican (British Mexican American) with big plans, huge ambitions, and lots of love. YA fiction is my mistress, mainly any sub-genre of fantasy and science fiction, or anything with a hook that digs into you and doesn’t let go from the moment you glance across the blurb. My writing style focuses on high concept ideas that, at their core, are really about people being people; if it’s any indication, Mark Zusak is my favorite author, just above Diana Wynn Jones.

Sky, tell us a little about yourself.

A little about me, let’s see… I like paperback over ebook, Wilde over Frost, Fantasy over everything, because I like getting lost. I tend to read in every genre and write whatever I like, sometimes I answer poetically—it depends on the time of night. It’s nice to meet you, I’m Rebecca Sky!

Rivera, why did you decide to participate in Pitch Wars?

I was actually an alternate last year (under the great tutelage of Sharon Johnston), and after learning so much last time, I knew I needed another dose to new novel, DANGEROUS TO GO ALONE, to the next level. There comes a time as a writer when you can sense there’s something you haven’t learned quite yet, and this year, Rebecca Sky is my window to that new lesson. Ah, sensei, I love you already.

Sky, why did you decide to participate in Pitch Wars? 

With every fiber of my being, I believe everyone can (and should) realize their dreams. But it takes is hard work and tenacity. There is nothing so special as seeing someone living out those dreams. This is why I wanted to mentor, to give back to the community that has given me so much, and to help others reach that next step of their journey. What Pitch Wars does is a beautiful thing—it breeds community, encouragement, and imagination. The world could use more contests like it!

Rivera, what are you most excited for?    

I’m most excited to be a part of the Pitch Wars for the community, for what my sensei (the lovely Rebecca Sky) will teach me, and for digging deeper into my manuscript to straighten out its plot structure. Altogether, I’m thrilled to grow as a writer.

Sky, what are you most excited for?

I’m most excited to see how far Kayla and her awesome MS will go. I have so much faith in her and this book. I will be over the moon if she finds an agent who believes in her the same way I do.

Rivera describe your novel in 3 words.

I’m going to go with my mentor’s recommendation for three words that describe my novel: SO MUCH AWESOME.

Sky, describe your mentee’s novel in 3 words.

Well, since my Mentee stole my 3 words I’ll say: GAMER-GIRLS DREAM READ. (I hyphenated Gamer-Girls so I could cheat and add another word!)


Check Us Out …


Kayla Rivera, Team Mentee

Tumblr | Twitter |Wattpad

Kayla Rivera is a biracial baby raised in Tennessee and breaking out of the state every chance she gets. She has an unnecessary love for stuffed orcas, video games, and conducting drawing tutorial sessions over Periscope, but the publishing industry has always been her true mistress. After interning with Shadow Mountain Publishing (where she was selected as editor in chief for a team of 18 interns), she moved on to study various editing levels and publicity techniques with Jolly Fish Press. She hopes to incorporate all she’s learned into her writing, and above all else, continue to grow as a person and as a writer–just not literally, since the universe decided she must stay at four foot ten forever.


Rebecca Sky, Team Mentor 

Website | Twitter | Instagram | Wattpadd

Rebecca Sky is a YA/NA writer who lives in Canada with her rock star hubby and their two four legged babies, (a Boston Terrier named Winston and a British Bulldog named Bosworth). She is a contributor for steampunk site www.ThePunkettes.com and a member of a popular vlogging group called Wattpad4, that hosts weekly Twitter chats on writing.


‘I can’t kiss the boy I love. If I kiss him I’ll lose him forever.”

status: available on wattpad.com (click cover)

genre: YA Fantasy


Rachel Reeds has the ability to make any man she kisses fall in love with her─head over heels, completely, irrevocably, obsessed love. But Rachel doesn’t want someone to love her because she forced them with her “ability.” So when she starts to fall for Benjamin Blake, she distances herself. But as circumstances beyond her control bring them closer, the desire to be with him tears her apart. Will she resist the pull of a first kiss, or will she lose Ben forever?



  • TLC has been read over 11 MILLION times.
  • It has stayed in the top 50 on Wattpad’s what’s hot chart, often topping the charts, since it’s release 2 years ago.
  • TLC is available in four languages.

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