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Pitch Wars Interviews with C. L. McCollum and her mentor, Molly Lee

Saturday, 12 September 2015  |  Posted by Brenda Drake

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Welcome to the Pitch Wars Team Interviews by Marnise Nicole

Bringing you a closer look each Pitch War Team and their project.

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Meet C. L. McCollum and Molly Lee

Team: Team Glitch



Molly Lee (Mentor), tell us a little about yourself.                            

I’m all over the place with what I enjoy reading! I try to take a taste of every flavor option whenever I can, but I do tend to read in the genre I’m writing at that point in time. So, lately, I’ve been reading a ton of NA. Though, YA (especially paranormal and urban fantasy) will always have a place in my heart. Anything Kimberly Derting writes, I instantly buy 🙂 My writing style is normally sitting down at the computer and letting my characters take me where they want me lol. Lately I’ve been trying to plot out each chapter and work that way, but I find the characters will go where they want, despite my best efforts to keep them in line! Fun Fact: It is a rare occasion when I go shopping (even simple grocery shopping) and I don’t bring a book home for my two year old, Lexi. She loves reading as much as I do and has more books than me 🙂 Her collection is stacked and will be perfect when her brother catches up to her. And, sometimes, I secretly wish I could do what she does–pull all my books out, spread them on the floor, and roll around in the awesomeness!


C.L. McCollum (Mentee), tell us a little about yourself.         

Heya! I’m C.L. McCollum, and I am thrilled to have been chosen as a mentee by the marvelous Molly Lee (hey that rhymed LOL). I’m a SFF junkie in all things. My favorite books & films have explosions and spaceships and/oror incredible otherworldly beings populating our world right under our noses. I love the “what if” questions that fantasy and science fiction allow to be answered. I’ve written in a wide variety of subgenres, with everything from fairy tale retellings to near future sci-fi, to magical realism and Weird West. I just have too much fun experimenting and playing with possibilities. I’ve yet to publish a novel, but I’ve been included in several anthologies. Of those, the ones I’m the most proud of are the Cliches for a Cause series of charity anthologies that my writing group has collaborated on. I’m a co-editor for those, as well as contributing author, and it really humbles me to think that our words are leading to funds being raised for charities that I really care about. We had two out so far: IT WAS A DARK AND STORMY NIGHT and ONCE UPON A TIME. We’ve already got plans for next year’s anthology too, though the theme for that one is still a secret! 😉

Molly, why did you decide to participate in Pitch Wars?

I fell in love with the contest when one of my agency sisters mentioned it to me. Then I met Brenda….and I decided I wanted to be a part of ANYTHING this woman was involved in. She’s incredible and gives 110% of herself in every single thing she does (which is usually things for others) It was never a question if I would participate or continue participating 🙂 I always feel so incredibly lucky when I look back and realize I’ve gotten to do this for four years. I’ve met some of my best friends though this contest and seen exactly how inviting the writing community can be. And most of all, I’ve gotten to help mentor so many amazing writers, and that is beyond rewarding 🙂

C.L., why did you decide to participate in Pitch Wars?  

went back and forth about whether to enter Pitch Wars. I’d just attempted the #NewAgent contest and didn’t get in, and as an added bonus had gotten back my first rejection out of the few queries I’d sent out for Traces. I had basically decided not to enter after all when one of my writing buds Mitchell, @coolkidmitch, talked me into it. Now, looking back, I’m so glad he pushed me! I would have missed out on an awesome opportunity.

Molly, what are you most excited for?    

Honestly, my favorite part is watching the amazing story come to life in a new way (whether mechanical or developmental) and witnessing my mentee’s brain work! It’s amazing what they come up with each year when working tirelessly on a manuscript. Experiencing that special back and forth one can only get when two people love a story and its characters so much is a magical process, one I look forward to every year.

C.L., what are you most excited for?

I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t pumped for the agent round, but honestly, I’m most excited to see TRACES turn into the book I know that it can be. I’ve done multiple revisions on it, but it’s been in a large part on my own. Having a second set of eyes really focused on finding ways to take the story to the next level will be fantastic. Molly and I are already getting in gear with edit letters and discussions back and forth, and I can already tell the changes are going to be just what the novel needs!

C.L., describe your novel in 3 words.     

Psychic soldier shenanigans

Molly, describe your mentee’s novel in 3 words.  

G.I. Jane Matrix


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C. L. McCollum, Team Mentee

Twitter | Facebook | Website

C. L. McCollum spends her time delving into the wonder of the world. She’s always been drawn to the “How” and the “Why” and the “Is this even possible?” Currently, C. L. is keeping it weird in Austin, TX with the love of her life and their various furry roommates.









Molly Lee, Team Mentor

Website | Twitter | Facebook     

Molly Lee. Lucky mother of two (three if you include the English Bulldog, which we do 🙂 Avid reader, author, editor. Star Wars, Harry Potter, Buffy. “After all this time?” “Always.”

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