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Pitch Wars Interview with Ava Quinn and her mentor, Natasha Raulerson

Thursday, 1 October 2015  |  Posted by Brenda Drake

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Meet Natasha Raulerson and Ava Quinn

Team: Women of Letters

Natasha RaulersonNatasha Raulerson (Mentor), tell us a little about yourself.

Hello and Hazzuh! My name is Natasha. Tasha for short. Romantic Suspense, Urban Fantasy, and Paranormal Romance are my jimmy jam to read. My bookshelves are lined with Neil Gaiman, Patricia Briggs, Shiloh Walker, etc and so on. I say those are my favorite genres, but really I just need a good story to hook me and I’m in. The only thing I tend to stay away from is the historical romance.

I originally started writing in first, but now I’m a third POV maniac. Not sure I can ever go back to first, except for in the area of short stories.

Ava QuinnAva Quinn (Mentee), tell us a little about yourself.

I enjoy reading. Period. All the genres call to me from non fiction to sff to literary, but my favorite is Romance. (Pause for a commercial: Romance – Giving voices to women since 1811. Now back to our regularly scheduled interview.) I write contemporary western romance, live in the US with my husband and my two daughters who participate in way too many activities. There’s been more than one time when I’ve called my answering machine while driving them places to record an idea or some dialogue I don’t want to forget. I’ve been a teacher for over 20 years. Riding my motorcycle and going to the roller derby are some of the things I like to do in the small amount of spare time I can scrape up.

Natasha, why did you decide to participate in Pitch Wars?

I entered PW last year, and didn’t get in. However, the tools and information I learned about the writing craft I incorporated into my next novel, which helped me land an agent. I wanted to be a PW mentor to give back, pay it forward, and ultimately, to help someone achieve the dream.

Ava, why did you decide to participate in Pitch Wars?

What writer wouldn’t? The mentors are fantastic, generous individuals who are extremely helpful to everyone. Brenda Drake is a rock star for organizing this. That woman deserves the best karma this world has to offer for how much she does for others. The writers who participate, whether chosen or not, are an incredible group of people. There’s such an encouraging vibe in this community, and I’m so thankful to be a part of it.

Natasha, what are you most excited for?

For my mentee to learn and grow as an author. She’s an amazing person and takes constructive criticism so well. It’s really amazing to see her coming into her own, realizing what’s working, not working, and taking the initiative to improve her craft. So I’m excited to see the comparison of the author she was, to the author she will be.

Ava, what are you most excited for?

I’m most excited for the opportunity to learn and grow as a writer. The flip side of the coin of any teacher is a love for learning and the knowledge that the learning curve ends at the grave. My mentor, Natasha Raulerson, has been so helpful and patient and such a fantastic teacher. I can’t believe how much I lucked out to be working with her. The writing community is also such an awesome part of Pitch Wars. To have access to people who are going through the same struggles as you are and are lifting others up even as they struggle themselves is such a gift.

Ava, describe your novel in 3 words.

Pool-hustler. Home. Heart.

Natasha, describe your mentee’s novel in 3 words.

Sexy Southern Hustle

Check Us Out …

Ava Quinn

Ava Quinn, Team Mentee

Website | Twitter | Blog

Ava lives in Pennsylvania where she spends her days trying to fit in time to write whenever and wherever she can. She was an elementary school teacher for a decade before staying home with her own children. Now she’s back in the classroom teaching preschool part-time while working on becoming a full-time author.

Natasha Raulerson

Natasha Raulerson, Team Mentor

Website | Twitter | Facebook

Natasha Raulerson grew up as a tomboy hanging with the guys, getting skinned knees, and swimming in the South Florida sun. Though she’s more inclined to wear dresses now, she still prefers a good pair of chucks and comfy pair of jeans. Tattoos, Jack Daniels, and hanging at the pool are three of her favorite things. An author of adult romantic suspense, she’s represented by the amazing Laura Bradford of The Bradford Literary Agency.

By day she writes about the characters driving her imagination wild. By night she enjoys a good book, hanging with her hubs, and getting snuggle attacks from her two spoiled pups.

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