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Pitch Wars Interview with Anne Lipton and her mentor Max Wirestone

Sunday, 20 September 2015  |  Posted by Nikki Roberti

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Meet Anne Lipton and Max Wirestone

Team: Colt


maxMax Wirestone (Mentor), tell us a little about yourself.

I write mystery and fantasy, and my geek-themed caper THE UNFORTUNATE DECISIONS OF DAHLIA MOSS comes out October 20th. Charlaine Harris called it “a hoot” and a “barrel of fun”, and I plan on tattooing that review on my body. Possibly my husband’s body because I get squeamish about needles. Plus he’s bigger than me, so there’s more space for text. I am being punched now, so I assume this introduction is over.



Screen Shot 2015-09-18 at 9.49.48 PMAnne Lipton (Mentee), tell us a little about yourself      

I love connecting with people IRL, on social media, and in books. I’m an omnivorous reader but I tend to write light-hearted fare (from picture books to adult fiction). My favorite novelists are Jane Austen and Jasper Fforde, and I like to describe my writing style as Ffordian: full of humor, adventure, and word play. My writing also might be described as Freudian. Since I’m a behavioral neurologist, I strive to understand and accurately portray the psychology of my characters and their motivations. Why, what did you think I meant?


Max, why did you decide to participate in Pitch Wars?  

Brenda asked me! I think they needed more mystery mentors, more adult mentors, and more guys, and in that sense I’m a three-fer. Although: when you must call upon me to butch things up, these are desperate times.

Anne, why did you decide to participate in Pitch Wars?

One night at a coffee shop meet-up, a fellow writer told me about a competition offering the chance to work with a writing mentor. I welcomed the chance to make my novel shine like the crown jewels that inspired it. When I entered Pitch Wars in 2014, I joined an incredible writing community and learned so much. So I submitted my manuscript this year with an additional goal in mind: I’d like to be a Pitch Wars mentor one day.

Max, what are you most excited for?

It’s not #PitchWars related, but I’m going to be on a panel at the New York Comic Con talking about geek culture in literature. I’m still pinching myself at the other writers on the panel. The writer of Black Widow; Soman Chainani, who writes THE SCHOOL OF GOOD AND EVIL. It’s nuts.

I’m also on deadline for book two of my Dahlia Moss series, and I’m really excited about being over that hump. 🙂

Anne, what are you most excited for?

I am most excited about working with my fun and talented mentor, Max Wirestone, who has connected so well with my story and is challenging me to take it to the next level

Anne, describe your novel in 3 words.

Celtic Cowgirl Caper

Max, describe your mentee’s novel in 3 words.

Ciphers? Shootouts? Sláinte!

Check Us Out…

Screen Shot 2015-09-18 at 9.49.48 PM

Anne Lipton,  Team Mentee

Twitter | Website  | Facebook Book Trailer

Anne Lipton is a neurologist and writer who lives in Vancouver, British Columbia. She enjoys hiking, waterfront Zumba, and Bollywood workouts, which she rigorously balances out as a foodie who loves to cook. Reading and travel are two of her lifelong passions. Born in North Dakota, Anne has lived in 11 states, as well as England, Ireland, and Canada, and visited over 30 countries. She has published multiple academic texts in her subspecialty of dementia.



 Max Wirestone, Team Mentor        

Twitter | Website

Max is a graduate from the Alabama School of Mathematics and Science and has a degree in English from Washington University in St. Louis. Max spent his twenties as a librarian-nomad, crossing the United States, and shelving (and reading) a lot of books along the way.

Other places to find me:
Max Wirestone on Goodreads
WireMax on Pinterest
Maxwellwires on Blizzard.net
MaxMaxMaxWires on Livejournal
WiresMaxWires on Ello
MaxyWiresMax on LinkedIn
마취어르스 on CyWorld
WireWireMaxMax on Ashley Madison
AxMayIresMay on Grindr
SeriwXam on PartyFlock

About his book…

Screen Shot 2015-09-18 at 9.43.24 PMBuy “The Unfortunate Decisions of Dahlia Moss.” Gibsons / Indiebound / Amazon / B&N

For fans of The Guild, New Girl, Scott Pilgrim, Big Bang Theory, Veronica Mars, or anyone who has ever geeked out about something.

The odds of Dahlia successfully navigating adulthood are 3,720 to 1. But never tell her the odds.

Meet Dahlia Moss, the reigning queen of unfortunate decision-making in the St. Louis area. Unemployed broke, and on her last bowl of ramen, she’s not living her best life. But that’s all about to change.

Before Dahlia can make her life any messier on her own she’s offered a job. A job that she’s woefully under-qualified for. A job that will lead her to a murder, an MMORPG, and possibly a fella (or two?).

Turns out unfortunate decisions abound, and she’s just the girl to deal with them.

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