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Wednesday, 23 January 2013  |  Posted by Brenda Drake

NAME: Ryan Hill
MENTOR: Heather Marie
GENRE: YA Paranormal


PITCH: At the risk of spending eternity in hell’s ninth circle, a wisecracking demon must partner with an angel to find a powerful relic under the guise of the lowliest of creatures, a high school senior.

The nerve.

One minute you’re in hell, minding your own business, getting your ass pummeled by every demonic being that fancied a go, and the next you’re shown the door and back on the ethereal plain without even the common decency of being escorted out by security. At least they could have warned me about the transfer first.

I opened my eyes. I was in a dark alley, completely naked. I coughed, emitting a small black cloud from my lungs. Every inch of my body felt like it’d been put through a meat grinder then nibbled on by a thousand cockroaches. My stomach was sick and heavy, much like it would’ve been the day after eating Tex-Mex. Even my bones vibrated like a tuning fork. What was I doing back on earth? Obviously someone had sent me here—you don’t suddenly get excused from a sentence in hell, even for a short frolic in the mortal world to stretch your legs. And especially not with a sentence like mine. I’d tried to take down the big man and failed. It took everything I had to keep them from adding an endless Highway to Heaven marathon to my punishment.

No, someone had struck a deal to get me out. But who? And for what?

Not even the chalk message on the brick wall provided a clue:

Bartholomew. Take the bag and clothes. Go home. More details to come.

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  • Can’t believe this entry didn’t get any Pitch Wars requests. Good Omens for a YA audience? Yes, please. I’m glad you got into the Bouncer round of Cupid’s contest though! YAY!

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