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Pitch Wars Agent Round!

Monday, 3 November 2014  |  Posted by Brenda Drake

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Welcome to the Pitch Wars Agent Round!

For those unfamiliar with Pitch Wars, it’s a contest where published/agented authors, editors, or interns chose one mentee plus an alternate each and offered critiques on how to make their work shine. Over 1200 writers entered the Pitch Wars contest this year, and only 75 were chosen for the agent round.

As a special reward for waiting in the wings and working tirelessly to get their manuscripts and pitches in shape, we’ve put together a special showcase for our alternates on Dee Romito‘s blog I Write For Apples on November 6. If any agents have time, please stop by and see if there are any pitches you’d like to make requests on.

For a list of the amazing agents participating in Pitch Wars 2014, go here.

AGENTS: To make requests, simply peruse the following entries and enter what you would like to have the writers’ send you in the comments of the posts. Please include submission guidelines and/or additional instructions.

PLEASE only agent comments. All others save your comments until after the agent round. If you would like to cheer on your friends, go to the Twitter hashtag #PitchWars and show your support there. Thank you!

Here are the links to each entry’s post separated by category with genres referenced for your convenience…


Middle Grade Entries

1. THE SAD STATE OF EMMALINE BLACK – Middle Grade Gothic Fantasy

2. A JAR FULL OF BUTTERFLIES – Middle Grade Literary Fiction

3. LITTLE MISS BLOGALOT – Upper Middle Grade Contemporary

4. ODDITY – Middle Grade Science Fiction

5. GRIMM AND BEAR IT – Middle Grade Contemporary Fantasy

6. THE CONSPIRATORS’ CLUB – Middle Grade Contemporary Mystery

7. AMELIA FOOTE ROLLS ON – Middle Grade Contemporary


9. THIRTEEN O’CLOCK – Middle Grade Light Science Fiction

10. SEE YOU THEN, JOSHUA JACOBS – Middle Grade Contemporary 

11. THE ZOOKEEPER’S MACHINE – Middle Grade Adventure

12. SKIDSTER – Middle Grade Futuristic Science Fiction

13. FORTUNE IT FORWARD – Middle Grade Magical Realism

14. SPARROW – Middle Grade Paranormal

15. ROOT BEER CANDY AND OTHER MIRACLES – Middle Grade Contemporary in Verse

16. THE ADVENTURES OF RATBOY – Middle Grade Adventure


Young Adult Entries

17. BEAT – Young Adult Thriller

18. RENASCENCE – Young Adult Contemporary

19. KEEP YOUR EYES ON ME – Young Adult Contemporary

20. LEFT WITH US – Young Adult Literary

21. TIMEKEEPER – Young Adult Historical Fantasy/LGBTQ

22. THE GIRLS OF MARCH – Young Adult Contemporary


24. OF NIGHT AND STONE – Young Adult Fantasy

25. HOPE ON A FEATHER – Young Adult Contemporary

26. LE CIRQUE DU LITERATI – Young Adult Literary Fantasy

27. THE AUDITION – Young Adult Fantasy

28. WINTERSOUL – Young Adult Fairytale Retelling

29. THE MEMORY OF OBJECTS – Young Adult Paranormal Mystery

30. THE HALF-LIFE OF HEARTACHE – Young Adult Contemporary

31. FALSE START – Young Adult Magical Realism

32. AETERNIUM – Young Adult Fantasy

33. HIS KISS – Young Adult Contemporary

34. WHERE YOU FOUND ME – Young Adult Contemporary

35. DOES THIS APRON MAKE ME LOOK AMISH? – Young Adult Contemporary

36. THE SILENT SALT SHAKER – Young Adult Fantasy

37. THE GOLEM INITIATIVE – Young Adult Speculative Thriller

38. PROVIDENCE – Young Adult Historical

39. HOW TO MAKE A HEARTBEAT – Young Adult Contemporary with a Speculative Twist

40. CHARMING THE DEAD – Young Adult Speculative Mystery

41. THE TRUTH ABOUT TWO-SHOES – Young Adult Contemporary


43. THE READER – Young Adult Fantasy

44. STORM CHASER – Young Adult Contemporary


46. THE FROST KING – Young Adult Fantasy

47. THE CORPSE CIRCUS – Young Adult Dark Fantasy

48. THE BOOTLEGGER’S BIBLE – Young Adult Alternate History

49. THINGS WE CAN’T SEE – Young Adult Contemporary

50. EXODUS – Young Adult Science Fiction

51. SET IN STONE – Young Adult Contemporary

52. THE BLOOD ROSE REBELLION – Young Adult Fantasy


New Adult Entries

53. LOVE, CARLY – New Adult Romance with erotic elements

54. CHASING CRAZY – New Adult Contemporary Romance

55. WALKING AFTER MIDNIGHT – New Adult Contemporary Romance

56. CHARLOTTE ELEMENTAL – New Adult Fantasy

57. SUMMER LAKES – New Adult Contemporary Romance


Adult Entries

58. FRAMED – Adult Contemporary Romance

59. CALAMITY – Adult Romance

60. AWAKE AND ASTRAY – Adult Upmarket Contemporary

61. THE HONEST THIEF – Adult Thriller

62. LOVE LIKE MAGGI – Adult Comtemporary Romance

63. FIELD OF STORMS – Adult Fantasy

64. BIOHUNTER – Adult Science Fiction

65. THE EDGE OF THE UNIVERSE – Adult Science Fiction

66. THE KILLING MOON – Adult Urban Fantasy

67. PLEDGE OF ASHES – Adult Fantasy

68. WISHES TO NOWHERE – Adult Magical Realism

69. SANDS OF IMMORTALITY – Adult Fantasy

70. RADIO HEAD – Adult Contemporary

71. IOU – Adult Mystery

72. YES, ADMIN – Adult Science Fiction

73. UNDER THE REDLINE – Adult Science Fiction


I want to thank our sponsor for donating some prizes for our wonderful mentors!


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