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Pitch Madness Slush Team Save B-16: GIDEON AND THE NIGHTMARE DEMON

Friday, 6 September 2013  |  Posted by Brenda Drake

Genre: MG contemporary fantasy
Word Count: 37,000


Gideon is eleven years old and going blind. After befriending Baku, a nightmare eater, he is tempted to abandon his parents and real life for a dream world where he can still “see”.



Gideon Hardy stood on the stage of a large opera house with rows of empty wooden benches gawking back at him. Thick velvet curtains hung from the fly loft, the hems nailed to the floor by rusted railroad ties, closing off any possible retreat.

Gideon scanned the house, looking for where the evil sorcerer hid. The hint of movement, the brim of a pointed hat. A wisp of black cape. Anything.

Lightning shot across the domed ceiling, nearly hitting the enormous chandelier. Thunder boomed with no delay between sight and sound. Impossible from inside a building, but then this was a dream. Gideon knew that much.

“You need me, Gideon. Become a friend of the shadows and they will gladly embrace you.” From somewhere in the second balcony, the evil sorcerer laughed. “I will embrace you as a friend.”

“No thank you,” said Gideon, his voice barely leaving the stage. Gold and grand, the opera house made Gideon feel undersized. Beneath him, the orchestra pit glowed with amber light, as if a thousand fireflies hid below the lip.

The sorcerer cackled again, still out of sight.

“Perhaps you need more demonstration of my power?”

Gideon widened his stance, squaring his shoulders. Warrior pose, like his mother taught him. In his right hand, he held an oak wand. He’d never used a magical wand before, but it somehow felt natural in his grasp. Familiar.

Again, he saw a flash of lightning and heard the boom of thunder. This time the chandelier shattered.

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  • SM Johnston says:

    From a Dream Team slush reader:

    I picked this entry for the save because the concept reminded me loosely of an MG version of The Chronicles of Thomas Covenant and I was really excited to see where it went, because i think the writing is strong enough to pull it off. And I love magical MGs


  • Ooooo . . . it’s hard to pull of dark MG, but I think you’ve got the tone just right here. It might take a bit of searching to find the perfect agent for it, but it will be well worth the hunt. You really have something here! Good luck!

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