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Pitch Madness … introducing the blog host teams and winners for the CPSeek Free Pass contest!

Tuesday, 12 March 2013  |  Posted by Brenda Drake

We’re getting close to submission day, and I wanted introduce the host blogs and their teams. The teams will help to choose from all the submissions coming in. Likes are subjective, so by having teams, we can have many opinions on each entry. The teams have to decide on the pitches together, but ultimately it’s the blog hosts who have the final decision. 

And here are your hosts and their teams (in alphabetical order – cause B is always on top – no, seriously it’s neutral)


On Brenda Drake’s blog with Erica Chapman.

Their support readers (aka Slush Zombies) …

Dahlia Adler

 heather webb
Heather Webb 

Sarah L. Blair
Sarah Blair


On Sharon Johnston’s blog with Fiona McLaren. 

Their support readers (aka Slush Zombies) …

 Brianna Shrum 
Brianna Shrum

 Catherine Scully
Catherine Scully

Mina Vaughn
Mina Vaughn 

On Shelley Watters’ blog with Marieke Nijkamp.

Their support readers (aka Slush Zombies) …

 Kat Ellis

Kat Ellis 

Stephanie Diaz 


On Summer Heacock’s blog with team leader Dee Romito.

Their support readers (aka Slush Zombies) …

 Kimberly Chase

Rebecca A. Weston
 And here are the winners of the CPSeek Free Pass contest …

TheStiltsofdeath: ‘Cleverland’ is a combination of Peter Pan and Fight Club. Except, instead of punching each other, there’s lots of book reading. Nothing says aggressive like an overly caffeinated bibliophile.
Rachelh: YA Alt History Mystery – However Improbable – is a mash-up of a book, movie and TV show: The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes (with female MC) meets V for Vendetta (with steampunk) and a touch of The Bachelor (with actual competative events).

Ginad129:  Mine aren’t technically books… or movies… do broadway plays count??? Whatever.  It’s like Snow White and Wicked had a baby. Snow White’s story being told from the point of view of the “antagonist” – only she’s been gravely misunderstood.

Winners please email me at brendadrakecontests@gmail.com for instructions on how to submit your free pass.

Come back tomorrow and meet the agents! 

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