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Pitch Madness # B-9 MG Contemporary: PELE AND YO-YO

Monday, 12 March 2012  |  Posted by Brenda Drake

# B-9: MG Contemporary: PELE AND YO-YO

Yo-Yo is Ramon’s good-luck dog, until Ramon’s uncle gives him away, just days before Ramon’s cello audition. Then new-girl soccer star Anna Peterson adopts Yo-Yo and renames him Pele. The injustice stings Ramon into action.

My best friend, Julio, always said if he had a dog he’d name him Pele because Pele is the king of soccer, and Julio loved soccer more than he loved his very own birthday.

And then I would say if I had a dog I’d name him Yo-Yo, because Yo-Yo Ma is the king of cello, and I loved playing cello more than I loved playing soccer.

Whenever we saw an awesome dog at the park, we’d argue about which name fit best, until I’d say to Julio, “Ay, loco, your mom’s allergic,” and he’d say to me, “Tonto, Ramon!  You know your landlord says no animales.”  Then I’d punch his arm and he’d punch me back, like thirteen-year-old boys are supposed to, until the dog was out of sight.

On the day I found my dog Yo-Yo, Julio missed watching the Barca vs. Real Madrid game.

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