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Pitch Madness # B-4 YA Paranormal: SOUL-CALLED LIFE

Monday, 12 March 2012  |  Posted by Brenda Drake

# B-4: YA Paranormal: SOUL-CALLED LIFE

Maggie, a Soul Collector, is due for promotion, but when her soul gets stuck inside a mean girl’s body, she becomes vulnerable to her forgotten dark past, making her question what side she’s really on.

Our target, Joseph Landry, exited the deli—or waddled from—with his brown paper bag filled to the brim with greasy food. The smell washed over me and I practically gagged. Humans tended to put the most horrific things into their bodies.

“Dylan.” I snapped my fingers at the shivering ginger-haired boy staring at the passing cars.

Great, here we go again with the post-traumatic, or should I say post-death syndrome.Dylan came to my service a few weeks ago and his training sheet was lacking. Any presence of a car would turn the kid into a pile of nerves. On the human plane those machines were everywhere, so I had to guide him easily through his training as a Soul Collector. Felix, my boss, constantly urged me to be easy with the newbies but after years—and years—of being a training officer, I couldn’t help but make the job a little fun for myself.

  • Carlie Webber says:

    I bid a straight.

  • Sara Sciuto, Full Circle Literary says:

    I have a Three of a Kind!

  • Kate says:

    Thanks for the bids! I am extremely grateful 🙂

  • I like the playful title.
    The sentence seems informative of the story, but aside from having the reader peak interest of being a soul collector, doesn’t invoke any sense of irony or “hmmm, that’s quite peculiar…”

    But the paragraph, and the story thus, does invoke that “hmmm, veddy veddy interesting…” moment.
    Besides the wonder of being– or reading rather, a soul collector, it established the irony of a weird, exciting-seeming job to us real folk as something experienced as another agonizing 9-to-5.
    It is always fun to read ironies like that. The title itself invokes that similar magic.

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