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Pitch Madness B-13: LOVE AT FIRST FLIGHT

Tuesday, 18 March 2014  |  Posted by Brenda Drake

Genre: Romantic Comedy

Word Count: 75,ooo


Cue one hunky pilot. Add a klutzy heroine. Stir with flying lessons. Caution: someone will definitely fall.


All things considered, Emily Parker would rather be at the cemetery.

Instead she pointed her truck in the direction of the Silver Saddle because when her sister Molly got an idea in her head she was like a Pitbull with a bone. Today that bone was dancing, and she’d cornered Emily into going along.

“You can go to the cemetery any ol’ time. All those dead people aren’t going anywhere.” Molly pulled down the passenger side visor and smoothed on bright red lipstick.

As if Molly needed any help in channeling her inner hussy. “A little respect, please. Some of them might be our relatives. I have a lot of gravestones to inspect if I ever want to complete the Parker family tree.”

Emily pulled into the gravel parking lot filled with cars and eased her truck into a space in the back. Maybe this wasn’t such a good idea. There might be men in there.

There would certainly be women glancing in her direction and whispering. Did you hear? Poor Emily. She didn’t see it coming, but maybe she should have.

“Awesome, Friday night and this place is crazy.” Molly took off her seatbelt. “What are you waiting for?”

Emily didn’t move as she glanced out the windshield from the safe place inside the cab of her truck. Couples were milling around the entrance, fools on a quest for the impossible. “I’m not so sure about this.”

“Why not? You’re not still on that giving-up-men thing, are you? I thought you were kidding.”

Clue Logo JPEG

Mr. Boddy is found spread eagle on the Ballroom floor, his dancing shoes on and a bright red rash around his neck, burlap-like fibers stick to the skin surrounding the area. A stick pin with the Statue of Liberty is stuck in his palm.

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