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Pitch Madness # B-1 YA Contemporary Fantasy: PECULIAR DARK

Monday, 12 March 2012  |  Posted by Brenda Drake

# B-1 YA Contemporary Fantasy: PECULIAR DARK

After an illness leaves fifteen-year-old Angela laced with dangerous magic, she has two options: learn to kick some ass or die horribly at the hands of shapeshifters from a parallel world. Decisions, decisions.

The wind woke Angela before the fever did.

Back home, surrounded by New Jersey’s dense woods and thick greenery, the treetops had caught every breeze, tossing them around far overhead, but it was different here. The wind bowled over the plains like a brute. It wrapped around the house, rooted out cracks and corners, and lodged itself there, howling and whistling.

Angela lay beneath her comforter, listening to the roof and walls shudder under gusty slaps. All of her skin was aching, and the insides of her body felt molten with heat, but whenever she kicked her blankets off, she shivered violently. Pain throbbed from her temples up to the crown of her skull and back down into her jaw. Her limbs were weak and heavy, and the backs of her eyes were boiling.

She felt like hell.

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