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NaNoWriMo Update … Day Two

Wednesday, 2 November 2011  |  Posted by Brenda Drake
I decided to do quick posts for the month of November with updates of my NaNoWriMo progress. The first day I made goal. Yay! I’m really concentrating on plot this go around and not worrying about the small details. Those I’ll add during revisions. I’ve been watching a video each day by The Plot Whisper, which has been helpful. Check out all the Plot Whisperer’s videos here. There are twenty-seven videos and viewing one a day will only take about eight minutes. She’ll take you through your plot for each day of NaNo.
Also, I purchased her book and should have it in tomorrow. The book comes in a Kindle version on Amazon, as well.

Are you participating in NaNoWriMo? If so, are you making goal? If you aren’t participating, how’s your writing journey going?

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  • I’m participating and making goal, so far. I’ve outlined ahead of time, sketched the plots and characters.

  • Cortney says:

    I heard about that Plot Whisperer, you’ll have to tell us how you like it! I’m participating also, but cheating a little because I started about 7,000 words a month ago. So I’m just picking up from that. Like Miranda, I outlined ahead of time too. Happy writing!

  • Em-Musing says:

    No NaNo for me this year. I’m submitting. Good luck though…and yes, let us know about Plot Whisperer

  • DL Hammons says:

    No NaNo for me…but congrats on your progress! Enjoy!!

  • I’m participating, and so far sticking to my writing goal of 1700 words a day (although I haven’t gotten there yet today). But it is only the 3rd.

    Still, I think that, even if you don’t finish in 50K words or by the 3oth, at least you’ve done a lot of work!

  • Good for you. I’m typing away, too. And I love the Plot Whisperer!


  • R.A.Desilets says:

    I’m plugging away at it. I’m actually, for the first time ever, writing in a very non-linear way. I’m skipping slower scenes, the in depth character conversations, and getting to the bigger “Oh my goodness!” moments. I find that it is helping me further the plot, and I’m making outlines on the conversations as I go: How the characters need to be feeling to get from Point A to Point C without skipping B. Etc.

    So far, so good. I’m ahead of schedule, which gives me some buffer time, since I have plans this weekend 🙂

  • Trisha says:

    Okay, I may have to check out this Plot Whisperer lady. Sounds like she could have some great tips!

    Good luck with your NaNo project!! I really love this time of year!

  • WTG on your progress! Thanks for the link. I hadn’t heard of the site yet. 😀

  • Hi Brenda,
    Did I ever thank you for this???
    I’m catching up on responding to blog comments and lovely, Sharon (above) mentioned that she had come to my blog via your post.
    Thank you so much, Brenda, for sharing resources you find helpful with other writers and for finding The Plot Whisperer one of those helpful resources.
    Hope you’ll join me in December to revision the plot arc of your story throughout December and ready yourself to undertake a substantial rewrite January 1, 2012

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