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Month9Books Novella Pitch Event

Monday, 1 October 2012  |  Posted by Brenda Drake

This is the official submission post to 
pitch your novella to:

Month9Books is looking for 15K (12K – 20K range) novellas for their SWOON imprint with a strong romantic element, any genre, any age range (YA, “new adult,” or adult). We’ll be taking five to six sentence pitches in the comments of this post starting October 1 through October 7. The fabulous editors from Month9Books will be stopping by to read the pitches and make requests throughout the week. So hurry and enter your pitches!

Format your pitches in the comments of this post like this…

Name: Your Name
Title: The Title of the Novella
Genre: The Genre of the Novella
Word Count: The word count of the Novella

Enter your five to six sentence pitch here. Don’t go crazy with lengthy sentences. Make them concise and hook the editors with the plot.


That’s not all! In celebration of Month9Books‘ anthology launch TWO AND TWENTY DARK TALES, I’m giving away two copies to a couple of lucky commenters on the announcement post here. To enter, just answer the question at the end of the post. I’ll draw and announce winners on October 8.



Goodreads TWO AND TWENTY DARK TALES: http://www.goodreads.com/book/show/13594857-two-and-twenty-dark-tales
Goodreads Month9Books: http://www.goodreads.com/group/show/67761-month9books

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  • Name: Kaylie Austen
    Title: Dark Soul
    Genre: New Adult Horror/Romance
    Word Count: 12,500

    Pitch: College student Anna falls for the mysterious Brody, and a few nights of passion leads to a devastating twist. Brody kidnaps Anna and locks her away in his apartment where her inner voice tries to convince her to commit suicide. Hallucinations send her over the edge and she manages to “kill” her abductor. Except, he comes back, and Anna wakes up covered in blood in a fresh grave. In chilling darkness, paranormal creatures emerge to end this game, revealing that Brody may be the lesser of two evils

    Thanks Brenda and Month9Books!

  • Mandy Schoen, Senior Editor, Month9Books says:

    This pitch raises more questions than it answers, and I’m struggling to see how it’s a romance. That said, I’ve spent the last few minutes thinking up twist endings that would make this a romance instead of a vampiric episode of Criminal Minds, and the possibilities intrigue me. Please send the full novella as a Word attachment to submissions@month9books.com. In the subject line, note that it’s a requested novella. Thanks!

  • Kristen Strassel
    Seasons In The Sun
    YA Romance
    23,000 words

    Seventeen year old LA bad boy Tristan Trevosier has been sent to Martha’s Vineyard to isolate him from his high profile life and help him clean up his act. He charms everyone on the island, especially sheltered, sweet Callie, who can see past his debauchery. Callie falls in deep trouble with Tristan, proving her mother and his own family right; he’s no good for her. After all hell breaks loose at a presidential party, Tristan is whisked away without a chance to say goodbye. But memories won’t be enough for Callie.

    • Mandy Schoen, Senior Editor, Month9Books says:

      This pitch has a great build-up and the writing is solid, but it seems to end right where it feels like the story should begin, and I get no feel whatsoever for Callie.

  • Name: Jenna Wallace
    Title: La Luna
    Genre: Adult Fiction
    Word Count: 15,000

    At her grandmother’s knee, Serina Jacquez learned that cooking is love, food is emotion, and what you can’t say out loud can be expressed by the recipe you create. Unfortunately, the only reliable customer to her little restaurant is dangerously charming Eric and his entourage of “business partners.” So much food left uneaten feels like love wasted, so Serina opens her doors to a homeless family, forming a bond with a couple doing their best to raise their son in a terrible situation. Already suspicious about Eric’s business, Serina is more than alarmed when a handsome police officer begins hanging around La Luna, asking too many questions about her most loyal patron. When Eric learns of the police interest, he gives Serina a choice: keep quiet about what she’s seen or he will make sure her restaurant closes and her new friends go hungry. Serina must choose between what is legally right and what is morally right, with love hanging in the balance.

    • Mandy Schoen, Senior Editor, Month9Books says:

      I’m sort of rooting for the bastard Eric, and I’m pretty sure that says unsettling things about me. Also hoping he’s a more complicated character than just an evil mob-boss type. I’ll give him a shot. Send the full to submissions@month9books.com. In the subject line, note that it’s a requested novella. Thank you!

  • Name: Kaylie Austen
    Title: Midnight Kiss
    Genre: Adult Contemporary Romance
    Word Count: 16,500

    Mel is an accident-prone physician’s assistant who refuses to date thanks to a man-whore ex-boyfriend and a forceful blind date. Her relentless best friend, Joan, tries to set her up with a marine named Logan Taylor. Unfortunately, the first attempt leads to a snowboarding incident where Mel makes it perfectly clear she’ll snap if Joan persists, and she doesn’t give Taylor a second look, much less a chance. A few weeks later, Mel attends Joan’s perfect New Year’s Eve bash where Joan manipulates Mel into a midnight kiss with Taylor. Sparks turn into a struggle against desires as Mel fights against falling for him because a man like Taylor must have heartbreaking flaws.

    • Mandy Schoen, Senior Editor, Month9Books says:

      Hmm. So if I understand the conflict, it’s that Mel doesn’t want to like Taylor b/c he’s awesome, and therefore can’t be all that great. I know that’s simplifying it a lot, but I’m still having trouble seeing that as a viable conflict.

  • Name: Juliet Madison
    Genre: Contemporary Romance with Paranormal elements
    Word Count: 16,000 words

    Actress Anna Hilford has a major crush, but not on just any guy – Karl Drake, the leading actor in the television drama on which she works as an extra. Sick of being loveless and second best in the shadow of her famous sister, Anna seeks the help of Lulu from LuluTheLoveAngel.com to give her the courage and determination to follow what she believes is her destiny and transform from ‘extra’ to ‘leading lady’ in both life and love. What she doesn’t realize however, is that Lulu really is an angel and destiny has other ideas.

    Starstruck in Seattle is ‘Touched By An Angel’ meets ‘Sleepless In Seattle’, and is the first in a proposed series of ‘Love Angel’ novellas set in different cities, each with a stand-alone romantic story linked by the quirky character of Lulu.

    Thank you for the opportunity!

  • Name: Jamie K. Schmidt
    Title: Destiny Override
    Genre: Adult Urban Fantasy
    Word Count: 12,000

    Chased by nightmares and hunted by vampires, Katerina returns to the only place she’s ever called home: a strip club where she used to dance before she came into her magic. When she finds her old crush turning tricks because a knee injury he got protecting her ended his bouncing career, Katerina vows to get both of them out of this mess. Unfortunately, the vampires have other ideas.

  • Name: Rachel Schieffelbein
    Genre: YA contemporary romance
    word count: 11,000

    Mabel is Amber’s best friend. Amber is the homecoming Queen, star-of-the-show girl that every other girl wishes she could be. Except Mabel, she’s totally fine with just being the ‘sidekick’. Really.

    But when Amber drags her along on a double date she finds herself falling for Lance, the obnoxious class clown whom she swore she’d have no interest in. Now she realizes she wants to be the heroine of her own love story.

    • Mandy Schoen, Senior Editor, Month9Books says:

      I want to want this, but I’m not really seeing the conflict. I’m assuming she’s set up on a blind date by her BFF, and it turns out she likes the guy she’s set up with. Which is cool for Mabel, but doesn’t leave much room for conflict and, consequently, tension and character growth.

  • Name: Lynn(e) Schmidt
    Title: The Unmaking of a Fiction Girl
    Genre: Contemporary New Adult
    Word Count: 11,500

    Each year as the ball drops, she changes her identity. New hair, new clothes, new name, new everything. So this year, Jessica will be a good girl. She won’t deal drugs, won’t black out, won’t party hard. But what happens next year if Jessica falls in love now? Worse, what happens if he discovers why she changes identities each year?

    • Mandy Schoen, Senior Editor, Month9Books says:

      This pitch has a few bits that definitely intrigue me, but I’m also pretty confused. Ultimately, the confusion outweighs the intrigue for this one.

  • Mandy Schoen, Senior Editor, Month9Books says:

    So great to see all the fun pitches so far! Even the ones I haven’t requested have some great potential behind them (and remember guys – this is a very subjective business!). Can’t wait to see what the rest of the week brings. 🙂

  • I don’t have a novella, but am going to tweet your post.

  • Name: Talynn Lynn
    Title: Switched
    Genre: YA Paranormal Fantasy
    word count: 12,000

    Cadence Bradford dreams of attending the Winter Ball and Candence Bradley wants nothing more than to get away. The girls unlikely meeting presents them with the perfect opportunity to switch places. Little does Cadence know she just signed up to attend the winter premiere of The Bachelor for Prince Riley.

    Cadence soon finds she is a prisoner locked in a creepy castle with nothing to admire but a glowing snow globe. Closer inspection reveals no snowflakes swishing around the glass spheroid. It’s something far more sinister and far less romantic than any bachelor party she’s ever attended.

  • Petre Pan says:

    Name: Jen Veldhuyzen
    Title: Heartbeat in the Hallways
    Genre: Soft-SciFi Romance (Space Fairytale)
    Word Count: 12,500 words

    Rayn’s heartbeat may literally kill him.

    When an ethereal energy sprite kidnaps Rayn, drags him through space, and dumps him in a nuclear wasteland, Rayn’s not exactly happy about leaving the warm, living city-organism he calls home. The wasteland’s crawling with armed brutes enforcing order for ‘the Prince’–and waifs who talk in riddles about an Invader they hope dethrones him. Quite frankly, Rayn thinks they’re all creeps.

    Then there’s Nina: a bad-ass in black leather with a head for philosophy, and best of all, she’s politically neutral. Rayn’s infatuated. But when he discovers the Prince is using their heartbeats to fuel a war machine, Rayn chooses sides. Nina refuses to join him–but if he follows his heart for her, he may lose his heart altogether.

    At least this means Rayn doesn’t have to go in for work on Monday.

    • Mandy Schoen, Senior Editor, Month9Books says:

      Sounds like fun, but I’m thinking it’s going to be very difficult to fully develop a romance in 12,500 words, given the world-building and semi-complicated plot. Nevertheless, I’ll bite. Send the full to submissions@month9books.com. Note in the subject line that it’s a requested novella. Thanks!

  • Name: Jamie K. Schmidt
    Title: Betrayal at Winterlore
    Genre: Adult Fantasy
    Word Count: 12,000

    When Rhee left her daughter to be raised as a princess, she thought she was doing the right thing. Oath bound to use her magic to fight evil, Rhee is summoned all over the world and is rarely in one place long. Her ex-husband, the King, would at least see their daughter was protected and given an environment to grow up in that a life on the road with her mother could not. Unfortunately, the king sees Rhee leaving as a betrayal and exiles her as a traitor. But when his kingdom is attacked, Rhee and her band of mercenaries risk being killed on sight to save her daughter and defeat the evil that is permeating the realm.

    • Mandy Schoen, Senior Editor, Month9Books says:

      I love a good fairytale, but right now we’re only looking for romance-based novellas. Keep us in mind if you have a full-length fantasy YA!

  • This comment has been removed by the author.

  • Name: Debra Elliott
    Title: The Guardian
    Genre: YA Fantasy
    Word Count: 20,000

    The Guardians have returned to Earth to find the only person who can save their colony. Fifteen year old Dorothy is thurst into a time portal. She wakes up in the year 2311 and has no memory of the past. Strange creatures keep calling her Alice and telling her she’s home. As Alice she must deal with strange octopus-like creatures that smell like rotten eggs, fight the snail colony and find her way back home.

    • Mandy Schoen, Senior Editor, Month9Books says:

      This sounds creative and fun! Our novella line is romance-based, however, and I don’t see any sign of a romance. Which is just as well for Alice – she probably wouldn’t have the time for romance, what with fighting the snails an octopi and getting back home!

  • AngiNicole says:

    Name: Angi Black
    Title: Charcoal and Hot Chocolate
    Genre: New Adult
    Word Count: 12,000

    Ellie, a shy art major, doesn’t talk to people, except her two best friends. And Matt, the man of her dreams. When a college project brings them together, she may get more than just an A.

  • Name: Karen Walcott
    Title: Veronica Cumberbatch
    Genre: YA Romance
    Word Count: 12,000

    17 year old Veronica “Ronnie” Cumberbatch has her hands full with her family. Her mother is pregnant with twins and has just taken back her abusive but reformed husband, Filbert. Ronnie tries to get along with her dad, but she can’t forgive him for terrorizing their family for so many years. Her 15 year old sister, Chloe, is afraid that she’s pregnant, and her 14 year old sister, Sophia, upset that their father is home has run away. Enter Trevor Howard, Ronnie’s partner in a community service project and the first boy that she has ever been interested in. The bad news is that he is interested in her as well, but her father has a no dating until 18 policy. What will Ronnie do?

    • Mandy Schoen, Senior Editor, Month9Books says:

      I’m a little concerned there’s too much going on here to have time to fully develop a romance in 12k words, but we’ll see! Send the full to submissions@month9books.com. Note in the subject line that it’s a requested novella. Thanks!

  • Stacey Nash says:

    This comment has been removed by the author.

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