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Mentor Spotlights with Young Adult Mentors (Part 4) & Giveaway!

Saturday, 26 September 2020  |  Posted by Brenda Drake

From September 21-26, we’re posting mini-interviews with most of the 2020 Pitch Wars mentors. We thought it would be fun to have them answer one question. A question that would give you an idea of their likes and personalities. And possibly point out a mentor you may have missed on your exhaustive search for which mentors you’ll submit to when our submission window opens. Don’t know what Pitch Wars is START HERE


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This is the question we asked our mentors to answer: Invite three authors (living or dead) to dinner – who and why?


And here are their answers …


So…. If I can resurrect people, do I also have the power to siphon their life force and thus absorb their literary abilities? Just wondering. I mean, that would make me a very rude hostess… so I wouldn’t. Obviously. Anyway! I’d LOVE to drain the literary soul– *ahem* INVITE– Victoria Schwab over to, um, DISCUSS her brilliant concepts and gorgeous prose. Leigh Bardugo, for similar reasons and because she just seems really fun to talk to. Lastly, Shakespeare, because watching him explore modern life would be hilarious, and I could end the debate already by simply asking him whether he actually wrote all of those plays by himself.

Emily Thiede

Mentor Page

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“Extending dinner invitations to three amazing authors: 2018 mentee Kristy Boyce, 2019 mentee JC Peterson, and our 2020 future mentee! We’ll be eating in a delightful gazebo in the backyard and dogs are, of course, invited. Sabrina will make macarons and Carrie will bake pumpkin bread and lemon bars and… what, you expected traditional dinner food? WELCOME TO TEAM GIRL POWER.”

Carrie S. Allen

Mentor Page

Website | Twitter







Sabrina Lotfiwith co-mentor Sabrina Lotfi

Mentor Page | Twitter





Shannon: “Cassandra Clare, Meg Cabot, and Katharine McGee. They are one-click, pre-order buys for me (and I re-read their books more than once). Also, I’ve been reading Meg Cabot since I was kid, Cassandra Clare since I was teen, and Katharine McGee is a more recent fav. Bringing together 3 writers who influenced me at different times in my life would be so much fun. I admire all their work, and would love a chance to tell them that in person (though I have met Cassandra Clare once)!” 

Shannon A. Thompson

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Sandra Proudmanwith co-mentor Sandra Proudman

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“Marissa Meyer, because when it comes time to revise my 4 book fantasy series, I would love to pick her brain on how expertly she wove 4 unique and lovable characters into one epic series, and well, she named her character Nova, come on. Alexander Dumas, because The Count of Monte Cristo was one of the inspirations behind my debut, Calculated. His book stuck with me for months after I finished it. I’d want to look him in the eye and know what kind of man he was irl. And honestly, *cheesy alert * I’d really love to have dinner with all the writers I’ve bonded with online–like Brenda Drake & Pintip Dunn, whose encouragement, starting with PitchWars, took me SO FAR in this author world. That is worth more than dinner!”

Nova McBee

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Enter for a chance to win one of our mentors’ or committee members’ books. We’ll choose ten winners to receive one book each. All you have to do is search our mentors’ and committee members’ books, pick one you’d like to receive should you win, and enter it in the rafflcopter at the bottom of this post. The book must be one from our 2020 mentors or committee members.

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