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Mentor Spotlights with Adult Mentors (Part 3) & Book Giveaway!

Friday, 25 September 2020  |  Posted by Rochelle Karina

From September 21-26, we’re posting mini-interviews with most of the 2020 Pitch Wars mentors. We thought it would be fun to have them answer one question. A question that would give you an idea of their likes and personalities. And possibly point out a mentor you may have missed on your exhaustive search for which mentors you’ll submit to when our submission window opens. Don’t know what Pitch Wars is START HERE


We’re giving away 2020 mentors’ and committee members’ books! Go to the bottom of this post for details and to enter for a chance to win.

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This is the question we asked our mentors to answer: Invite three authors (living or dead) to dinner – who and why?

And here are their answers …

“I’d definitely invite Canadian author and artist Douglas Coupland. His books are so wonderfully weird and unexpectedly poignant, they cracked my imagination right open when I was a teen. And then I’d invite Oscar Wilde, because he’s brilliant and witty and I love his writing. Obviously my third guest is Sonia. She’s one of the funniest, smartest, and most interesting people I know. Chances are we’ll end up just talking to each other. Sorry, Jane and Oscar! We brought you back from the dead only to ignore you!”

Annette Christie

Mentor Page

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and co-mentor

“I’d invite Jane Austen, because I have a lot of questions about Sanditon, and the PBS mini-series only made it worse. I’d invite Nora Roberts, because she made me a romance reader, and I’d love to just be in proximity to her awesomeness. And I’d invite Annette Christie, because she is the most fun to co-mentor with, so obviously she’d be the most fun dinner companion as well.”

Sonia Hartl

Mentor Page

Website | Twitter






“Our guest list features Jeaniene Frost, so we can finally get to the bottom of the Bones inspo—Spike or Billy Idol? Hailey Edwards is next, so we can beg for more Grier and Linus. Because #RelationshipGoals! And finally Maggie Stiefvater to liven up the conversation for both of us—cars for Janet and art for Anne. We’re planning a vampires VS werewolves VS necromancers debate, over churros and coffee, with LOTS of fur babies as audience!”

Anne Raven

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and co-mentor

Janet Walden-West

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“I’ve always wanted to meet Pierce Brown because he seems like someone I’d get along pretty well with. Blake Crouch and Ursula Le Guin too because I need to understand how some people can be so smart and so entertaining. I would also bring my Monstar basketball and use it to absorb their talent (I’d give it back eventually. Probably.)”

Clay Harmon

Mentor Page

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“I would totally invite L.J Shen out to dinner first because her ability to write the most swoon worthy stories ever, floors me and I need her mojo! Next, I’d invite Brittainy Cherry because she is just so talented and I’d want to pick her brain. Finally, and most importantly, I’d invite my bestie author Jess Calla along because I’ll never miss a chance to have her by my side. ❤️”

Heather Van FleetHeather Van Fleet

Mentor Page

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Enter for a chance to win one of our mentors’ or committee members’ books. We’ll choose ten winners to receive one book each. All you have to do is search our mentors’ and committee members’ books, pick one you’d like to receive should you win, and enter it in the rafflcopter at the bottom of this post. The book must be one from our 2020 mentors or committee members.

You can find our mentor pages here: https://pitchwars.org/mentor-status/active/ And you can find our committee members here: https://pitchwars.org/about/meet-the-pitch-wars-committee/

It’s open internationally, but only for books available on the Book Depository. Make sure to go to their site and verify the book is listed for sale before choosing your book in the Rafflecopter.


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