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Tuesday, 13 August 2019  |  Posted by Brenda Drake

I’m thrilled to announce the Pitch Wars Mentor Critique Workshop featuring some of our talented current and past mentors! The mentors will help some lucky winners of the drawing shine up their queries or first pages. We will try to post all the critiques on the blog, so that even those who didn’t win a critique in the drawing can view and learn from them. Please only enter if you’re willing to have everyone see it. All critiques will be anonymous – no writer names or titles of work will be listed. 

This is for all genres in the middle grade, young adult, new adult, and adult categories of fiction. Winners will be announced on August 18 at 10AM (the drawing will close 8/17 at 11;59PM) Eastern and winners will receive an email, so be ready to submit your sample for critique immediately.You will have until August 19 at 10AM Eastern 48 hours from the date of your instruction email to get your query or first page to us.  If you miss the window, your critique will be given away.

What if I’m not sure I’m going to enter Pitch Wars?  That’s okay! Everyone is welcomed to enter the giveaway.

All you have to do is to enter the rafflecopters below. Here is a list of our fabulous mentors participating in the workshop.

Adult …

Ann Raven






Damyanti Biswas






Denny S. Bryce






Diana A. Hicks






Ernie Chiara






Gwynne Jackson






Hayley Stone






Janet Walden-West






K.A. DooreK.A. Doore






Kathleen Barber






Keena Roberts






Layne Fargo






Matthew Quinn Martin






Michael Chorost






Samantha Rajaram






Adult or New Adult …

Gia de Cadenet






Gladys Quinn






Kelly Siskind






Kerbie Addis with Ren Hutchings






Laura Brown






Rebecca Enzor






Ren Hutchings with Kerbie Addis






Sarah Remy






Middle Grade …

Adrianna Cuevas






A.J. Sass






Eric Bell






Erin Entrada Kelly






Graci Kim






Jessica Vitalis






Julia Nobel






Kit Rosewater






Miriam Spitzer Franklin






Nicole Melleby






Rajani LaRocca






Remy Lai






Sarah Kapit






Middle Grade or Young Adult …

Ayana Gray






Carrie Allen






Jennifer L Brown






Jessica Bayliss






Jesse Q Sutanto






Julie Artz






Kim Long






Sabrina KlecknerSabrina Kleckner






Sean Easley






ST Sterlings






Stephen Morgan






Young Adult …

Alechia Dow






Anna Birch












Brenda Drake






Chelsea Hensley






Ciannon Smart






Deborah Falaye with co-mentor, Ciannon Smart






Diana Gallagher with Katrina Emmel






Hoda Agharazi












Kat Dunn






Katrina Emmel with Diana Gallagher






Kelly Quindlen






Kelsey Rodkey






Kyle T. Cowan






Kylie Schachte






Laurie Dennison






Lisa AmowitzLisa Amowitz






Liz lawson






Lyndsay Ely






Nancy Werlin






Olivia Hinebaugh






Rachel Griffin






Rebecca Sky






Sabrina Lotfi






Sam Taylor






Sandra Proudman






Sarah Nicolas






Young Adult or New Adult …

Aiden Thomas






Andrea Contos






Jeff Bishop






Alex RedaAlex Reda with Renée A. Price






Caitlin Sinead






Kate Karyus Quinn






Michelle Hazen






Renee PriceRenée A. Price with Alex Reda






Young Adult or Adult …

Aty S. Behsam






Dawn Ius






Kelly HopkinsKelly Hopkins






Marty Mayberry






Rebecca Coffindaffer






Susan Bishop Crispell







What an amazing list of talent, right? Give our current and past mentors a thank you by following them on their social media accounts and saying hi! Also, make sure to check out their books!

Enter both rafflecopters for a chance to win one of the query or first page critiques. You can enter both giveaways, but can only win one critique.


We have winners!

Each winner will receive an email with instructions on what to send to Pitch Wars for their critique and where to send it. It will take a few days to get all the emails out, so please keep checking your emails and spam filters.

Query Critique Winners from Rafflecopter …

2141       A.Z. Louise

286         Abigail Burke

738         Addison Armstrong

164         Adrienne Deeb

2149       Airlie Maria Heung

2090       Alice Witten

1037       Amanda Dejong

577         Amanda Solimando

398         Amy Hillman

545         Angela Super

927         Ariel Odinson

462         Beth McGoldrick

1526       Bethany Hensel

1681       Bill Reagan

2431       Brittany Valdez

823         Carol Zink

2373       Chris V. Davis

1984       Christina Tolan

1860       Christine Berman

452         Crystal Hanlon

129         Dani Tamura

630         Elena Horne

1347       Elle Evans

2024       Emmett Nahil

1518       Fay Lane

57           Gates Palissery

292         Hanna Rabb

205         Jake Maia Arlow

109         Janeal Downs

9              Jennifer Gosselin

1300       Jenny Peterson

1233       Jiayu Zhang

77           Joel Brigham

895         Jonathan Lane

1750       Josie Smith

346         Justin hill

2012       Katja

1866       Kelley barcellona

2397       Kjell Hilding

2463       Kristi McManus

602         Laura Burge

1838       Laura Mitzner

1894       Lika Roberts

1661       Melissa McDaniel

1882       Michael Lachman

629         Michael Lunsford

2410       Naomi Lisa Shippen

588         Nikita Pavlov

1762       Patrice Carey

509         Patrick Thornton

221         Phoebe

1669       Rachel O’Day

884         Raegan

424         Renae

637         Reyna Marder Gentin

89           Ryan James Black

1548       Saira Umar

2467       Sam Elyse Brockschmidt

669         Sarah Sandhu

2381       Shelly Jarvis Lusk

1448       Stevie Turner

496         Susan Boles

803         Susan Chan

924         Suya Lee

249         Tara Santora

1404       Taylor Morgen

1598       Tim Dillon

1854       Tineke Peeters

397         Tonya Preece

348         Tyree Brown

1224       Warda Egal

975         Wendy Greenley

667         Wilfred Keeley

2230       Yevhenii Pokutnii

1169       Yvonne Avery

2165       Zya Mo


First Page Critique Winners from Rafflecopter …

108         Ada Nnadi

773         Addison Armstrong

1435       Alaa Al-Barkawi

1785       Alice Short

1509       Alison Aldridge

2083       Allison Latzko

2447       Alyce Black

842         Amanda Meekhael

282         Amber

2505       Amina Maikori

2195       Andrew Phillips

2103       Aneeqah

380         Angie Gentile-Jordan

1918       Annika Jersild

609         Anoop Judge

2331       Baptiste Pinson

1072       Beau

1725       Bill Reagan

1252       Bonnie Staring

2211       Brett Peery

1521       Bridget Grenolds

1372       Bruce Meisterman

1316       Camille Singer

35           Cari Z

372         Chandra Fisher

2002       Charles Femia

1561       Chris Gibilisco

2063       Chris Paxman

1752       Christine Zimmerman

1368       Cindy Schmidt

2235       Corinne Jean-Jacques

1614       Cortney Winn

2609       Danielle Trice

1234       Daramola Isaac

1137       David

446         Dee Keymel

870         Deshaun Hershel

1481       Eduardo Hormazabal

161         Elena Pearce Buckley

2014       Emily Tipton

1553       Faerl Torres

890         Gabriella Buba

942         Gail Wilson

329         Gary Stothers

1321       Gia Davis

312         Ifty Finn

2339       J. Leigh Smart

1044       J.M. Yale

1296       Jana Keir

2395       Janelle McCurdy

1364       Jean Pace

894         Jen Cox

1011       Jennifer Archer

165         Jess A. Short

647         Jihad Baydoun

639         Josephine Queen

2475       Julie Zantopoulos

2250       Karla Hernandez

190         Karri Allen

1894       Kathleen Maggio

111         Katie Wilson

1982       Kelly Ohlert

2010       Kia Dennis

308         Melissa Miles

323         Sheryl Witschorke

1052       Srinidhi Polkampally

782         Sylvia Patience

572         Tanvi

1437       Taylor Ann Hernandez

1512       Will Tansley

1626       Yong Takahashi



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