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Shanna Rogers
Shanna Rogers is not mentoring this year, but has mentored Middle Grade
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Shanna Rogers
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When she wasn’t reading as a kid, Shanna was acting out something she read in a book: starting a babysitters’ club, spying, searching the house for a secret passage, and convincing a neighbor she had an identical twin (she doesn’t). She’s still twelve at heart, so writing middle grade was a natural choice.

After receiving her B.A. in journalism, Shanna spent several years acting in Los Angeles before becoming a teacher. You can catch her in the background of dozens of shows, including as a dead body on The Closer (Kyra Sedgwick massaged her feet!) and sporting a spray tan on old episodes of The O.C. She once beat Woody Harrelson in a thumb war.

Shanna is represented by Jim McCarthy at Dystel, Goderich & Bourret.

Favorite Books
HOLES by Louis Sachar FLORA & ULYSSES by Kate DiCamillo MILLICENT MIN, GIRL GENIUS by Lisa Yee WHEN YOU REACH ME by Rebecca Stead BETTER NATE THAN EVER by Tim Federle
Years Mentored
2016, 2017