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Our Mentors

Amelinda Berube
Amelinda Berube is not mentoring this year, but has mentored Young Adult
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Amelinda Berube
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Amelinda Bérubé is the author of UNDER THE ICY LAKE, a YA ghost story coming from Sourcebooks Fire in 2018. She’s spent the last ten years as a writer and editor with the Canadian public service, prior to which her career path meandered through academics, carpentry, and administrivia. Amelinda is a passionate fan of YA, SFF, and all things spooky and is delighted to be on the other side of the contest curtain for the first time!

For her editing website, go to: www.amelindaberube.com

Favorite Books

STONEWORDS by Pam Conrad
MONKEY BEACH by Eden Robinson
CUCKOO SONG by Frances Hardinge
CORALINE by Neil Gaiman
MEMORY by Lois McMaster Bujold (the whole series, really, but this one was the pinnacle)

Years Mentored