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Editing Prizes from CA Marshall for my Blogfest …Check it out!

Tuesday, 5 October 2010  |  Posted by Brenda Drake
The Never-ending Scene Blogfest (or cliffhanger–whatever)
October 25-26
Here’s how it works. On your blog site, write a new scene or post a scene from your current project that is no more than 500 words, which has a rocking cliffhanger (pun intended). It can be any genre. Just leave us hanging, craving more, and cursing your name for making us want to turn a page that isn’t there. Easy peasy, right? Right.
And keeping with Emily White’s fest theme (oh, btw she’s changing her blog’s name so go over here  to re-friend or new-friend her), I, along with some anonymous readers who are not participating in the fest, will pick the top six and then have you all vote for the final three.  
Have your entries posted by 8am EST on October 25. The fest will be for two days so that everyone has time to read the entries. About that, please try to visit and comment on as many blogs as you can. The more you do, the better the response will be on your entry. I will post the top six on Monday, October 27.

You MUST sign into the Linky below in order to be eligible for prizes.

Here’s the wicked awesome prizes from C.A. Marshall, Freelance Editor, Author, and Literary Agent Intern Extraordinaire:

1st Place: A 10 page manuscript critique AND a synopsis critique OR $50 towards manuscript edits,which average about $500.

Two runner ups will get: Either a 10 page manuscript OR a synopsis critique OR $25 towards manuscript edits, which average about $500.

I’ll be using CA Marshall’s editing services on my new project–I heard she rocks! Just saying. Check her out.

Way cool, right? So what are you waiting for? Sign up NOW!

Please pass the word around on your blogs or twitter or elsewhere, whatever.

SIGN UP HERE TO ENTER THE BLOGFEST! (Really, I am yelling so you won’t forget to sign the linky – heehee :D)

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