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Drum roll please …. Pitch Wars Mentor picks announced!

Wednesday, 3 September 2014  |  Posted by Brenda Drake

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The mentors have worked tirelessly reading such amazing submissions. Behind the scenes, there’s been laughter, blood, sweat, and tears shared between the mentors. There were so many, SO MANY, wonderful entries, and we couldn’t pick them all. It all came down to which ones spoke the most to the mentors’ hearts.

There are many pathways to acquiring your publishing goals. Pitch Wars is just one of a few. Though I know you’ll be disappointed if you don’t find your name on the following lists, please remember that you are in the game. Just finishing a manuscript requires a love for writing, and putting your work out there is such a brave act. Congratulations for getting into the game. Every heartache, every victory, will get you a step closer to success.


I have had many heartaches and many missteps. I’ve been rejected (a lot). I’ve had to change my course (a few times). But giving up was never an option for me. I picked myself up, learned what I had to, and made several friends along the way. My wish for you is to keep going, never give up, and gather friends who will cry and celebrate with you through the battle. I admire each and every one of you for putting on a brave face and putting your work out there. You are so cared for by all the mentors. There are posts in our Facebook group full of love and caring; my heart swells just reading them. I am truly blessed to be in this community with you. Thank you for entrusting me with your work and for making me smile every day.

Keep going! There’s more contests on the way. Here are a few coming up in the next several months…

September 9  – #PitMad Twitter Pitch Party – more info. here.

Oct. 28 – Nov. 6 – Baker’s Dozen on Authoress Anonymous blog opens. Details here.

And our own mentor, Michelle Hauck, will hold Nightmare on Query Street on her blog in late October. Keep on eye out here.

I want to thank our sponsor donating some prizes for our wonderful mentors!


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Here’s a little bit about InkSlinger PR …

InkSlinger PR is all about helping authors and publishers get the word out about their latest literary projects. Specializing in New Adult, Young Adult, and Adult Commercial Fiction, we are passionate about assisting authors to build their platform and create a brand that will carry them into the future. Here at InkSlinger PR, we understand the importance of chasing your dream and believing that the sky’s the limit.


And now, here are the mentors’ top picks (keep scrolling for the alternates) …


Mentor Mentee
Amy Reichert www (dot) perfectmatch (dot) com by Rikita Chokhani (writing as Shaya Roy)
Ben Brooks The Sad State of Emmaline Black by Erin Latimer
Brenda Drake/Brooks Benjamin When We Danced Against the Soil by Donna Munoz
Brianna Shrum Awake and Astray by Margarita Montimore – Adult?
Brighton Walsh Chasing Crazy by Kelly Siskind
Brooks Benjamin Little Miss Blogalot by Melyssa Mercado
Catherine Scully Oddity by Sarah Cannon
The Woodsmen by Amanda Hill
Charlie Holmberg Field of Storms by L.T. Elliott
Cole Gibsen Beat by Laura Diamond
Dan Koboldt Biohunter by Bianca Nogrady
Dannie Morin Renascence by Heather Truett
Diana Gallagher Keep Your Eyes on Me by J.A. Ward
Dionne McCulloch Left With Us by Corey Ryan
EM Caines The Conspirator’s Club by Ellen Hill
Eden Plantz Framed by Susan J. Bickford
Elizabeth Briggs The Abyss Surrounds Us by Emily Skrutskie
Emily Martin Starry Night by RuthAnne Frost
Erica Chapman Definitions of Indefinable Things by Whitney Taylor
Evelyn Ehrlich Encircled by Summer Spence
Fiona McLaren Big Boys Don’t Cry by Carleen Karanovic
Gail Nall Amelia Foote Rolls On by Marilee Haynes
Jaime Loren Calamity by Mary Ann Nicholson
Jami Nord The Edge of the Universe by Sarena Ulibarri
Jason Nelson The Killing Moon by Elinor Sattler
Jaye Robin Brown Le Cirque du Literati by Kristin A. Reynolds
Jennifer Blackwood Walking After Midnight by Esher Hogan
Jessie Devine 23 by Linsey Miller
Jessie Humphries Needle’s Eye by Mara Rutherford
Joy McCullough-Carranza Phoebe the Fatabulous by Elizabeth Dimit
Juliana L. Brandt Thirteen O’Clock by Stacy Hackney
Julie Sondra Decker Charlotte Elemental by Megan Paasch
Kara Leigh Miller Motor City Demons by A.B. Sevan
Karma Brown Wishes to Nowhere by Susan Crispell
Kate Karyus Quinn The Memory of Objects by D.A. Mages
Kelly Loy Gilbert The Half-Life of Heartache by Lilly Barels
Kes Trester Chimes at Midnight by Lee Daugherty
Kristen Strassel Love, Carly by Rosemary McElhannon
L.S. Murphy Summer Lakes by Kelly Kizer Whitt
Lauren Spieller Aeternium by Allison Ziegler
Lindsay Currie/Trisha Leaver His Kiss by Jen Vincent
Lisa Lewis Tyre See You Then, Joshua Jacobs by P.J. Sheridan
Lori Goldstein Where You Found Me – Justine Winans
Maggie Hall Does This Apron Make Me Look Amish? by Fiona Farrell Ivey
Marieke Nijkamp The Silent Salt Shaker by Brandi Ziegler
Meredith McCardle The Watchmaker by Ron Walters
Michelle Hauck The Zookeeper’s Machine by Jayme Allen
Mina Vaughn Waking Beauty by Gina Denny
Molly Lee Providence by Barbara M. Britton
Mónica Bustamante Wagner Jane, Body, and Soul by Susan Gray Foster
N.K. Traver Calling the Ghost by Marisa Hopkins
Naomi Hughes Skidster by Lindsey Duga
Natasha Neagle Bad Girls Live Fast by Alessa Hinlo
Rachel Lynn Solomon The Truth About Two Shoes by Nikki Roberti Miller
Rae Chang The Falconer of Venice by Melissa Caruso
Rebecca Yarros Fathers, Fender Guitars and other F words by Carrie Ann DiRisio
Renee Ahdieh The Reader by Traci Chee
Ricki Schultz Storm Chaser by Phil Stamper
Ronni Arno Blaisdell Fortune it Forward by Nicole Mogavero
S.K. Falls Radio Head by RJ Lacko
Sarah Guillory The Most Dazzling Girl in Berlin by Kip Wilson Rechea
Sarah Henning IOU by Kellye Garrett
Sarah Nicolas The Frost King by Elly Takaki
Shana Silver Yes, Admin by Samantha Leach
Sharon Johnston The Corpse Circus by Lakin Wooliver
Stacey Lee & Stephanie Garber The Blind Tiger Testament by Rachel Horwitz
Stacey Trombley Sparrow by Victoria Piontek
Stefanie Wass Root Beer Candy and Other Miracles by Shari Green
Stephanie Scott Things You Can’t See by Dawn Norman
Thomas Torre Adventures of Rat Boy by Andrea Pelleschi
Trisha Leigh Epsilon by Anna Patel
Veronica Bartles Set in Stone by Natalie Williamson
Virginia Boecker The Blood Rose Rebellion by Rosalyn Eves
Whitney Fletcher Under the Red Line by Rebecca Coffindaffer


And the mentors’ alternates …


Mentor Alternate
Amy Reichert A Convenient Engagement by Kimberly Webster
Ben Brooks The Queen’s Daughter by Sandra Held
Brenda/Brooks mentored by KT Hanna Olivia Boogieman by E.S. Wheeler
Brianna Shrum Phantom by Jamie Adams
Brighton Walsh Losing Will by Juliet Chatham
Brooks Benjamin Dark Sky’s Ashes by AJ Vanderhorst
Catherine Scully Mrs. Grainger’s Midnight Peculiarium by Phil Hickes
The Maven by Carey O’Connor
Charlie Holmberg Shattered by Shadows by JD Abbas
Cole Gibsen Between Them by Jeanmarie Anaya
Dan Koboldt A Scarred Mind by Amy Cavenaugh
Dannie Morin Troubled by Sean Lamb
Diana Gallagher In the Cards by Katrina Emmel
Dionne McCulloch The Dead List by Lisa Preziosi
EM Caines The Maven by Carey O’Connor
Eden Plantz Crossing the Line by Caitlyn Armistead
Elizabeth Briggs Timekeeper by Tara Sim
Emily Martin Anyone’s Ghost by Emily Marquart
Erica Chapman The Artistry of Half-Elves by Megan Cronin
Evelyn Ehrlich Summer Thunder by K. Kazul Wolf
Fiona McLaren Among the Red Stars by Colleen Boye
Gail Nall Tomboys by Laurie Bryant
Jaime Loren Thornvaal by Kelli Newby
Jami Nord Unrevelations by Rissa Watkins
Jason Nelson Damned if She Do by Janet Walden-West
Jaye Robin Brown Winter on Brimstone Hill by April Rose Carter
Jennifer Blackwood Searching for Mr. Wrong by Lisa Houghton
Jessie Devine The Treasure Hunt by Melody Marshall
Jessie Humphries The Drama Queen Who Cried Wolf by Jocelyn Rish
Joy McCullough-Carranza Pocket Full of Poppies by Elliah Terry
Juliana L. Brandt Dillon and the Alien Situation by Dana Mongillo
Julie Sondra Decker Everything is Flowing by Natalka Burian
Kara Leigh Miller Twenty Miles In by Kristin Wright
Karma Brown Hot Tamale: The Lost Memoirs of Hester Carmella by Erin Foster Hartley
Kate Karyus Quinn Haunted by Tracie Martin
Kelly Loy Gilbert Dance of the Palms by Robin Lemke
Kes Trester False Start by Jennifer Hawkins
Kristen Strassel Vestige by Dana Collins
L.S. Murphy You Were Mine by Larissa Weatherall
Lauren Spieller The Memory Thief by Lauren Elizabeth
Lindsay Currie/Trisha Leaver Beautiful Bloody Duckling by Kelly Calabrese
Lisa Lewis Tyre Never Found Again by Kristin Thorsness
Lori Goldstein Reverie – Lyra Selene
Maggie Hall The White Lehua by Kelly deVos
Marieke Nijkamp Requiem for a Thief by Evanthia Bromiley
Meredith McCardle Seabound by Maura Couglin
Michelle Hauck War of the Roses by Shellie Braeuner
Mina Vaughn Swim for Shore by Celia Breslin
Molly Lee The Haunting of Spingett Hall by Emily BrooksbyWheeler
Mónica Bustamante Wagner Fading by Prerna Pickett
N.K. Traver Anonymous by Alex Brown
Naomi Hughes The Order of Dastardly Deeds by Chad Lucas
Natasha Neagle Code of Silence by Charlotte Gruber
Rachel Lynn Solomon Sparklers by Heather Ezell
Rae Chang The Dragon’s Pearl by Silvia Park
Rebecca Yarros Iron and Stars by Ashley Poston
Renee Ahdieh The Original Heretic by Kirsten Squires
Ricki Schultz Cupid Incorporated by Tiana Smith
Ronni Arno Blaisdell Better Than Ever by Annie Cronin Romano
S.K. Falls The Possibility by Billie Mande
Sarah Guillory The Rather Prolific Adventures of the Captain and the Clockmaker by J.R. Dawson
Sarah Henning The Lineage by Vanessa Lillie
Sarah Nicolas A Frog, a Whistle, and a Vial of Sand by Shannon Cooley
Shana Silver Incarnate by Mitali Mahajani
Sharon Johnston Who Is Berkley Adams? by Mikayla Jade Rivera
Stacey Lee & Stephanie Garber Nothing But Sky by Amy Trueblood
Stacey Trombley Drew Horrible and the Great Dragon Poo Evasion by Megan Reyes
Stefanie Wass Rules for Running Away by Rachel Sarah
Stephanie Scott Happens for a Reason by Adrianne Russell
Thomas Torre The Mystery of the 13th Year by Jennifer L. Hawes
Trisha Leigh Alliance by Destiny Vandeput
Veronica Bartles Startripped by Margo Berendsen
Virginia Boecker Daughter of Light by Sara Thompson
Whitney Fletcher Cliff With No Edge by Stephanie Herman


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