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Day One: Writing Tips from this Year’s PitchWars Mentors

Friday, 24 August 2018  |  Posted by Jaime Dill

Every year, Pitch Wars hopefuls look high and low for the query advice that will get them selected. And what better place to look for that advice than from the mentors themselves!

Over the next three days, we will be featuring insider query tips from this year’s mentor lineup. It is our hope that you will take in their knowledge and let it be a help to you this Pitch Wars season. So check them out!

ANNIE SULLIVAN  Annie Sullivan

“Try not to name more than 3 characters in a query letter so as to not confuse the reader. Also, always make sure it’s clear in your query what your character is after and what’s stopping them from getting that.”

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Jessica Bayliss

“My biggest tip is to finish what you start. We have to practice the craft AND we have to practice pushing through when our MS starts giving us trouble. Finishing is literally a skill we must all master.”

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Arianne Costner

“If you’re stumped on how to end your query, it often helps to end with clear STAKES. What do they have to lose if they fail?”

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Megan Manzano

“It’s important to allot time for yourself. It’s easy to get wrapped up in needing to write every second or keep busy. Sometimes, taking time to do other things is better for your creative process than you think.”

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Sabrina Kleckner

“If you’re new to writing queries (or if you need a refresher), I highly recommend reading through the posts on Query Shark. I literally read every query on the website before attempting to write my own, and this ingrained what the format/word count should look like in my head.”

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Mel Howard

“When I write, I always ask myself ‘does this scene contribute to my plot or characterization as a whole?’ It keeps me on track and helps me write a tighter draft.”

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