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Can We Guess Your Character’s Age? Contest …we have winners and more!!!

Tuesday, 13 December 2011  |  Posted by Brenda Drake
It has been a whirlwind of fun on the blog lately, and it’s because of all the fantabulous writers and friends who participated in this blogfest. I just want to say how much you all mean to me! Thanks for all the positive comments and critique love you sent to your fellow writers. Each of you should be proud of the work you’ve done. Congratulations to everyone! You may not have won the prize, but you’re that much closer to achieving your goal of getting published. 

I want to give a BIG HUGE SHOUT OUT to our wonderful judge, prize giver, editor, literary agent assistant, writer, blogger, journalist, Brazilian, insomniac, and word nerd extraordinaire, Gabriela Lessa! Show her your thanks by following her on twitter and her blog. Not only is she giving up three prizes to the winners but she’s added more. Yay!


And now … drum roll please … 
We have door prizes (I should just end all my sentences with an exclamation mark – I’m that excited)! Five to be exact. With the help of Random.org we’ve chosen five winners from the linky sign-up list who will each receive a query critique (no more than 500 words) by Gabriela Lessa

Stephanie Diaz
Rebecca Buss
Jeremy Cook
Jamie Corrigan
Susan Francino

And Gabriela wanted to acknowledge the following honorable mentions…

#4 Taffy Lovell 
#5 Sharon Bayless 
#11 1000th.monkey 

Gabriela really liked your excerpts and is offering a 15% discount on any one of her services.

And now, the winners …
1st place  and the winner of an edit of first 30 pages + 25% off any services they want to hire is…
What Gabriela had to say about her entry … Robin manages to catch the teenage spirit here. The vocabulary is appropriate to teenagers without being obvious, full of teen slang. Her character shows a concern with her looks, but it’s not overdone. She has a BFF and school bags, suggesting a teen, but she drives, so she has to be at least 16. Her voice in general made it clear for me that she was not a senior – she doesn’t have that air of superiority seniors usually have. So she had to be just 16. The way she reacts when caught, saying “like an idiot” seals the deal. I knew the exact age instantly and I didn’t need to think it over, but I didn’t feel like the author was hitting me in the head with it either. It flowed naturally. Fantastic!

Character’s age: 16

2nd place and winner of an edit of first 20 pages + 20% off any services is …

What Gabriela had to say about her entry … Great example of knowing how to differ an MG from a younger YA. The character’s concerns here and her line of thought show she’s not in high school yet. Every detail – from worrying about the teacher to justifying her actions – scream MG. Very well done.

Character’s age: 12

3rd place and winner of edit of first 10 pages + 15% off  is … 

#16 – Melinda Williams 

What Gabriela had to say about her entry … Another one that not only shows this is a teen, but a younger high school kid. Everything in her actions and her reasoning shows a certain reverence to this head cheerleader, even if she’s hated. Her posture is not that of a senior, and the shock from the rest of the school confirms that. We can easily identify her age.

 Character’s age: 16

***All winners please email me at brendadrakecontests@gmail.com and I’ll send you instructions on how to collect your winnings.

And don’t forget, coming up on the blog in January…
Pitch contest with agent Ammi-Joan Paquette of the Erin Murphy Literary Agency. Joan only accepts submissions by referrals or conferences, so this is a great opportunity to get your work in front of her.
That’s it, for now…

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