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BE HERE NOW: A Writer’s Auction to Raise Funds for Andy Whitfield’s Documentary about Cancer Awareness

Monday, 11 June 2012  |  Posted by Brenda Drake

When YA writer, Kathy Bradey, contacted me to get the word out about a writers auction she’s holding to raise funds for the late Andy Whitfield’s (Actor – Spartacus) documentary about cancer awareness this Wednesday, I quickly agreed. Some of you may know that my son, my adoptive daughter, and I are survivors of cancer, so I was happy to help out if I could.

I’m asking that you all join me in spreading the word. There are some awesome critiques to be won.

You can get more details on Kathy’s blog, but here’s some of the deets from her post …

 What is “BE HERE NOW?”


“Be Here Now” is an inspiring documentary about the actor Andy Whitfield, who put the same determination and dedication that he brought to his lead role in the hit television show, “Spartacus: Blood and Sand,” into fighting life-threatening cancer.
It was Andy’s hope that by opening his story up to a documentary, he might help or inspire others facing similar challenges, while pushing to accelerate the pace of cancer research around the world.

“When Andy was told his lymphoma had returned and that without treatment he had 3 – 6 months to live, he was compelled to share his exploration into the unknown. He selflessly invited a film crew into our lives, who followed us through out the last year of Andy’s magnificent and courageous journey. We now need your support to finish the documentary and fulfill Andy’s legacy.”
~ Vashti Whitfield (www.maybemcqueen.com)

What are “BE HERE NOW” Critiques?

“Be Here Now” needs funding for additional filming and editing, else the documentary will not be completed.
As writers/fans of Andy Whitfield/despisers of cancer, we have come together to offer various manuscript, chapter and query critiques in exchange for your pledge/donation to the “Be Here Now” Kickstarter campaign.
Writers participating so far:
DEBRA DRIZA (author of MILA 2.0, Katherine Tegen)
LAURA TIMS (YA writer and intern at FinePrint Literary Management)
MICHELLE PAINCHAUD (YA writer represented by Jessica Faust of Bookends) and E. K. HENRY (YA author of FREAK)
KATHY BRADEY (YA writer represented by Suzie Townsend of Nancy Coffey) and MELANIE SANTIAGO (YA writer)
SUSANNE WINNACKER (YA author of THE OTHER LIFE and THE LIFE BEYOND, Usborne/Marhsall Cavendish)
RACHAEL ALLEN (YA writer represented by Susan Hawk of Jenny Bent) and ANGIE SPARTZ (YA writer and book blogger)
ELIZABETH LIGHT (YA writer represented by Lindsay Ribar of Sanford J. Greenburger)
KAITLIN WARD (YA writer represented by Sarah LaPolla of Curtis Brown and YA Highway blogger)
KARA TAYLOR (YA author of PREP SCHOOL CONFIDENTIAL, St. Martin’s Press and former intern to Elana Roth)
STEPHANIE KUEHN (YA author of CHARM AND STRANGE, St. Martin’s Press/Egmont UK and YA Highway blogger)
LORI LEE (YA writer represented by Suzie Townsend of Nancy Coffey) 
How does it work?
• Each critique item is an auction and will have its own post.
• You bid on the critiques by posting in the comment section. (Don’t forget to include your email address in your comment!)
• You may bid as many times as you like.
• The length of the auction will be included in the auction post.
• When the auction is over, the highest bidder is the winner and will be notified by email.

Additional Details
• The minimum bid is $1.00.
• Winners must pledge their winning amount to http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/426354716/be-here-now-the-andy-whitfield-story within one week of winning their auction item. Please note: A pledge is not a payment. It is a promise of payment.
As per the rules of Kickstarter, you will NOT have to pay any money (even after you have pledged) unless the “Be Here Now” funding goal is met within the specified timeframe. Let me say that again. IF THE FUNDING GOAL IS NOT MET WITHIN THE TIMEFRAME, YOU WILL NOT BE CHARGED YOUR PLEDGED AMOUNT. Unfortunately this also means that you will only receive your auction item if the funding goal is met. However, with a funding goal of $200,000 and $37,000 already pledged in 2 days (with 43 days to go), you can make up your own mind whether or not to participate.
• If the funding goal is met, your credit card will be charged on Monday Jul 23, 4:04pm EDT. You must send me the confirmation e-mail sent by Amazon Payments as a record of donation to receive your critique.
• If you would like to pledge without partaking in the auction, do so here: http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/426354716/be-here-now-the-andy-whitfield-story
Thank you for your interest and support! Please retweet, blog, spread the word!

The first auction items will be posted on Kathy’s blog on Wednesday, 13th June, 2012. (Sydney, Australia time).

 Please go by and bid! You may end up with a fantabulous critique from one of the many authors participating. Thank you!


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