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Agent Showcase Updates – Registration Now Open!

Friday, 10 August 2018  |  Posted by Sarah Nicolas

We’re excited to announce some changes to this year’s agent showcase! Over the past few months, we solicited feedback from a poll of 2016 and 2017 mentees as well as 2017 Pitch Wars agents. We believe these changes will create an agent showcase that’s less stressful for both mentees and agents while enabling agents to request any of the entries they love.

Agent Signups

This year, we will have rolling agent registration on our site. Agents can sign up to participate in Pitch Wars beginning NOW up through the last day of the showcase on February 11, 2019! If you’re an agent, you can register here: https://showcase.pitchwars.org/agent-registration/. When the showcase opens in February, we’ll send agents their login credentials so they can easily request manuscripts on our site.

As we receive agents’ registration info, our agent liaison team (led by Rachel Solomon) will verify their information and add them to a list of participating agents here: https://showcase.pitchwars.org/agents/

In order to keep the focus on our mentees and remain impartial about agents, we will not have agent MSWL or photos this year. Our site will contain an alphabetical list of agents who have registered, linked to their agent page on their agency website. We’ll also compile a Twitter list of participating agents.

Agent Showcase

February 6-11, 2019

The biggest change for this year is: Comments won’t be publicly revealed until the final day of the showcase. Both registration and commenting will close at that point. Mentees will then be able to send their requests and also begin querying.

During the showcase, registered agents can request entries, but only the agent liaison team will see those comments come through via email. They will let mentor/mentee pairs know when they’ve received a request and who it’s from, but specific submission guidelines will be held until the end of the agent showcase.

As always, mentees are encouraged to do their research and use their own discretion in deciding whether to send requested materials to each agent.

Thank you for reading!

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