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A #PitMad Success Story with Mikayla Bridge

Thursday, 7 November 2019  |  Posted by Rochelle Karina

We love sharing success stories!

Mikayla’s Story

Tweet: “1001 NIGHTS x ACOTAR

Murderous jinn, inner demons, and a desert promising death. A royal soldier flees the sultanate to save her from an army of enslaved immortals. But the love of her life stands in her way. #PitMad #YA #F #MH”

I graduated from Deakin University this year, and had begun to query literary agents a few months prior (not the smartest decision, given my honours thesis was only halfway done!). I’d never given much thought to how I could reach agents beyond sending out cold queries. Then I heard about #PitMad. I’d only made a Twitter account a week or so before the 2019 September #PitMad, and I couldn’t believe my luck at having one of my tweets liked by Alice Speilburg at the Speilburg Literary Agency. I’d remembered looking at Alice’s MS Wishlist in the past, but she’d been closed to unsolicited queries. Within two months, I’d accepted her offer of rep and signed the contract!

I’ll always be thankful to the hard workers behind PitchWars. Without #PitMad, I would never have had the chance to query – let alone be offered rep – by my wonderful agent!

About the author

Mikayla Bridge is a young adult fantasy author living in Melbourne, Australia. After graduating from Deakin University with a BA and an Honours degree in Politics & International Relations, Mikayla decided to interweave her passion for political issues with her lifelong love of books and monsters (both the literary and real world kind).

She is represented by Alice Speilburg of Speilburg Literary Agency.

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