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52. THE BLOOD ROSE REBELLION – Young Adult Historical Fantasy

Monday, 3 November 2014  |  Posted by Brenda Drake

Assorted_Uzi_Water_Guns_lgMentor Name: Virginia Boecker

Mentee Name: Rosalyn Eves


Category: Young Adult

Genre: Historical Fantasy

Word Count: 90,000


Unable to use magic in a Victorian world governed by it, sixteen-year-old Anna Arden will do anything to belong. But when exiled to Hungary for spell-breaking, Anna must choose: deny her unique ability for high society life—or embrace it, destroy her world’s greatest spell, spark a revolution, and change the face of magic itself.


London, April 1847

I did not set out to ruin my sister’s debut.

Indeed, there were any number of things I deliberately did not do that day.

I did not pray for rain, as I knelt in the small chapel of our London townhouse that morning, the cold of the floor seeping into my bones. Instead, I listened to Mama’s petition for successful spells and sunshine. Peeking through my lashes at Elizabeth’s smug face, I yearned to ask for disquiet, disorder, and torrential downpours—calamitous words that might have eased, a little, the restless crawling in my heart. But I swallowed the words unsaid. Even should God heed such a treacherous prayer, my father would not. And though Papa’s weather magic would cost him a headache, my sister would dance under clear skies.

I did not argue with Elizabeth, when she banned me from the ballroom where she and Mama laid the final grounding for her illusions. “You’ll break my concentration,” she said, “and spoil my spells.”

But then I did not go to the schoolroom, where I was expected to improve my sketching while James studied his Latin. Instead, I lingered (Mama would say loitered) in the lower hall, watching the servants scurry back and forth with their brooms and buckets and cleaning cloths, in feverish preparation for the ball. I did not rest, as Elizabeth did.

Because of those omissions, I was in the hallway when Lord Frederick Markson Worthing came calling.

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  • Jaida Temperly says:

    Hi Rosalyn! I’d love to read more of THE BLOOD ROSE REBELLION. Please send the first 50 pgs. to query[at]newleafliterary[dot]com, with the subject line: Pitch Wars Request – Jaida.

  • Hi Rosalyn, the title alone grabbed my attention, and I’d love to learn more about the story and world building here! Please email me your query, first 50 pages, and a synopsis (if available) to brooks(at)thebentagency(dot)com, with the subject line “Pitch Wars Request: THE BLOOD ROSE REBELLION.” If you have any questions, just let me know. Looking forward to reading more! Cheers, Brooks

  • Stefanie Lieberman says:

    Looking forward to reading! Please send the query, synopsis and first ten pages to submissions(at)janklow(dot)com. In the subject line of your email, please type: For Stefanie Lieberman – PITCH WARS REQUEST

  • Amanda Panitch says:

    Hi Rosalyn! I’d love to read more. Please send your first 100 pages to me as a Word document at amanda[at]LMQlit[dot]com.

  • Lara Perkins says:

    Hi Rosalyn,

    I’d love to see more! Please feel free to send a query and the full ms (as a word or pdf attachment) to lara@andreabrownlit.com and please write “Pitch Wars Request: The Blood Rose Rebellion” in your subject line. Thanks!

  • Peter Knapp says:

    Hi Rosalyn,
    This sounds fantastic — I love a little spell-breaking and can’t wait to read more. Please send a query letter and attach the first 100 pages to queries (at) parkliterary (dot) com. Please put “Peter Knapp: Pitch Wars Request” in the subject.

  • Rena Rossner says:

    I’d love to read this full manuscript! Can you send it attached as word document to: rena(at)thedeborahharrisagency(dot)com – and please reference PITCHWARS in the subject line.


    – Rena

  • Rachel Brooks says:

    I’d love to read more! Please send the query plus first 50 pages as a word doc attachment to rachel(at)lperkinsagency(dot)com with “Pitch Wars Request: Title” in the subject line. Thanks!

  • Lana Popovic says:

    Ooooh ooooh ooooh yes please! Could I see the full ms, as a PDF, please, to lana@chalbergsussman.com with the subject line “PitchWars: THE BLOOD ROSE REBELLION”? And the synopsis as well, please.

    Gah, that title. <3

  • Well, that was a fantastic first page. Please send the full manuscript, query and synopsis as an attachment to Sarah@CorvisieroAgency.com

  • Louise Fury says:

    You immediately grabbed me. Please send the full manuscript as a .doc attachment, with your query as page one, to furyqueries @ thebentagency.com. For the subject line, put PITCH WARS: YOUR TITLE. Thanks!

  • victoria marini says:

    I love the voice here. Can you please send a query and a the full MS to victoria.gsliterary@gmail.com

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