You know, someone has to die . . . when swords are involved.

Okay, it’s Friday and I’m having plain coffee with vanilla creamer. Oh, the wasted calories *dreams of a Starbuck’s line*.  Anywhoo, someone has to die today. In my novel, that is, especially with sword yielding hunks and creatures running a muck within its pages. But who? I can’t do it, but I must do it for the integrity of my story.

Should it be one of the sidekicks?  No, I’d lose comedy relief. Should it be one of the hunks *gasps at the thought*? Oh, I know, it has to be the one who sacrifices himself in everything he does. Selfless, sweet, kind, cares about everyone . . . it’ll totally draw tears when he dies. Crap. I’ll miss him when he’s gone.

I shudder at the thought of killing off any of my characters. I created them, after all, and the crazy thing is, they feel real to me. So, how do you decide who to kill off when it’s needed in your story?

That’s it. Slurp!

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  • It needs to be someone the reader cares about, or the victim gets labeled “red shirt” and forgotten. I usually plot the death way ahead of time, then cry when I murder my poor character.

  • I tried to plan the death ahead of time but then fell in love with the character and couldn’t kill him off. Okay, I just have to stick with the plan, I know. But he turned out so cute. *cries into coffee and then realizes the reader will too and let’s the ax (er sword) fall*

    Thanks Deb, just need a little reassurance. I think I’ll wear black today.

  • Alas, he was beautiful, and so brave.

    I cried last night because I killed a horse. Or re-killed him — major rewrite on that chapter.

  • Deb, you totally made me laugh this morning.

    Poor horsey. You’ll have to put a disclaimer that “no actual horses were harmed in the creation of this story” or something.

  • The one who will be missed the most. I’ll send some virtual roses your characters way 🙁

  • I had to kill of a character and it’s so painful! But it was necessary. Sigh. It made sense to kill him off. Basically, I imagined who my MC would miss the most, and then I killed him. I feel so guilty!
    Nice to meet you! I’m a new follower (*waves*)

  • Thanks, Lydia, and I’m following yours. It’s so informative. After reading your last blog, I strangely feel cold. Now if I can find that hot guy to get in the sleeping bag with. *temporarily forgets she’s married* Oh, well, that’s why I like fantasy.

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