Winners for the July Query or 1st Page Workshop!

B workshop

We have winners for our July workshop with the Pitch Wars mentors. I’ve pick 55 names instead of 40!!  If your name is on the list, please send in your query or 1st page to right away (no later than Monday, June 30 at 8AM Eastern Time). If you don’t send it in by the cut off time, you will not get to participate in the workshop. The first batch of critiques will go live on the blog July 7.

***Please put the query or 1st page (250 words, double-spaced manuscript page) in the body of the email. No need to include category/genre/title/word count. Does not have to be a completed manuscript.  If the 250th word of the 1st page falls in the middle of a sentence, go to the end of that sentence.

If you didn’t make it in, follow along and maybe it will help you with your own work.

Here’s the list …


Gin Farrell
Alessa Hinlo
Gwen Cole
Connie Edwardson Michael
Lyra Robinette
Wendy Vogel
Ellie Sullivan
Anna U. Mormack
Noelle Pierce
Denise Drespling
Ann MarJory Kaminski
Kaleen Harding
Rachel Stones
Keith Willis
JEN Garrett
Suzanne Leder Burmeister
Robin Korb
Don M. King
Susan Crispell
Spring Paul
Diane Rose
Kimberly Moravec
Carolyn (fictionwriter)
Summer Spence
Marcelle Corrie
Megan Cooley Peterson
Michael Seese
Pamela Pabst
Jessica Kemp
Kathleen S. Allen
Patricia Nesbitt
Michelle Rosenfield
Heather Brady
London Crockett
Debbie Dorris
Jamie (sunshine)
Julia Bade
Vanessa Lillie
Jennifer Brinkmeyer
Geni Phipps
R. E. Morrison
Richard Gamboa
Kristin Reynolds
Max Brunner
Karla (endlesslypre…_
Jocelyn Frentz
Kelly Heinen
Marlana Antifit
Talynn Lynn
Samantha Hileman
Mandy O’Dell Silberstein
Anita Saxena
Angela D Ambrosio
Ashley Hearn



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