Winners for The Teenaged Nitpick event announced!

Yay! We have winners into the critique event with The Teenaged Nitpick. Winners must send the first 250 words of their young adult manuscript to by September 21 at 5PM EDT. If we don’t receive your entry by the allotted time, we will choose a new winner. 

If you didn’t make it, comment on the entries’ posts during the critique and you could win one of ten 250 word critiques from me. It can be ANY 250 words — your query, the first page, or a page any where in the manuscript that you want a second pair of eyes on.

Here’s how to format your submission:


The first 250 words. Single spaced. Double spaced between paragraphs. No indentions.  

And the winners are …

  • 102 Lisa Roseman

  • 6 Nicole Zoltack 

  • 142 Rachel Done

  • 148 Kaitlin Adams 

  • 9 Ryan James Burt 

  • 41 Eric Steinberg

  • 37 Stephanie Diaz 

  • 46 Rachel Solomon 

  • 14 Robbin Luckett 

  • 31 Nazarea Andrews
    Coming up on the blog…

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    A super secret pitch contest October 15-19. Details posted September 20 21 (due to technical difficulty – you’ll see – I will embarrass myself). Hint: You’ll need time to get this pitch together!

    Trick or Treat with and Agent 
    Details coming September 29!


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