Where I interrupt a major contest to squee about my book deal!

Library sculpture, Belfast

I wanted to take a moment away from The Writers Voice to announce my book deal. (The picture above has nothing to do with my book other than the library thing.) Anyway, quick and sweet, here’s a copy of what it said on Publishers Marketplace last Thursday and in Publishers Lunch tomorrow.

“Brenda Drake’s debut LIBRARY JUMPERS, in which a sixteen-year-old finds that a simple flip of the page can transport her to the library of her choosing, thus thrusting her into a Mystik world hidden amongst the pages of library books, where evil abounds, secrets unfold, and mortals are running out of time, to Georgia McBride at Month9Books, in a nice deal, at auction, in a three-book deal, for publication in February 2014, by Lauren Hammond of ADA Management Group (World).”

For those of you who are in The Writers Voice contest and don’t get picked, don’t get down. It’s taken a lot of passes on contests, rejections, and tears for me to get here. I know you all can do it.Β  I’m so impressed by all the talent in this contest. Never give up and you will reach your dream!

I’m beyond excited! Now, back to the contest.

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