The Pitch Wars webinar series was developed to help writers at every stage of their careers. Mentors and industry experts will host webinars focused on pitching, publishing, developing craft, and more.


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February 20: Avoiding the Sagging Middle with Editor Ashley Hearn of Page Street Publishing


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March 13: First Chapter Faux Pas with Agent Carrie Pestritto or Prospect Agency



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The First 10 Pages Intensive with Heather Cashman ($35)

Join us for a two-part intensive workshop focused on the first ten pages of your MS.

The first ten pages are the window into the world of your novel. If readers (and agents and editors) take a peek inside and don’t see all the elements of a compelling vacation spot, they’ll find another destination.

Heather Cashman will break down those first ten pages and examine the components necessary to not only make readers finish those ten pages but be excited to reach THE END. (Not suitable for picture books.) Be ready to analyze, break-down, and rebuild your words. Heather is also hoping to do some live edits on willing participants.

Q&A with a Publishing Pro and What to Look for in an Editor with Michele Rubin (FREE)

Michele Rubin talked about what to look for in an editor, how to pitch agents and editors, and answered all participants burning questions about publishing. Michele is currently the Managing Editor for Cornerstones US Literary Consultancy. She previously spent almost 25 years as a senior literary agent at Writer’s House.

Listen to the free recording here. (No need to register.)

Realistically & Authentically Portraying Psychological Disorders in Your Fiction with Clinical Psychologist Jessica Bayliss ($20)

Please note: This webinar forms one part of the authors’ research into mental health concerns, which should also include seeking out direct conversations with folks dealing with these concerns personally along with reading resources from reputable sources and seeking sensitivity reads.

The Four T’s of Writing Classic Middle Grade with Amanda Rawson Hill and Cindy Baldwin ($25)

Writing Middle Grade literature is a privilege and a responsibility. It can also be extremely intimidating to try and follow in the steps of Kate DiCamillo or Katherine Applegate. But if you think you want to make the jump to writing for this age group, or aren’t sure whether you’re writing MG or YA, or maybe just want to be inspired again before you begin working on your next MG novel, then this class is for you. We will help you understand the four fundamental elements of great MG literature. Truth, Tenderness, Transformation, and Timelessness.

Secrets of Writing a Good Retelling with McKelle George ($25)

Reworking a fairy tale is one thing—but what about reworking classic works of literature from the greatest writers of our time (like, say, Shakespeare or Jane Austen)? Everyone knows that imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, but how do you find the balance between creating something that is wholly your own, while also keeping true to the original’s spirit? In this workshop, learn how to create a high concept story angle for your retelling, deal with the pressure of expectation while somehow keeping the story unpredictable, and above all, finding the balance between your inner fangirl/boy and the professional writer.

Writing is REwriting!: Revision Strategies to Make Your Novel Shine with M.K. England ($25)

How do you shape a first draft into a finished novel? Learn new strategies for analyzing what you’ve written, developing a revision plan, shaping character arcs, and improving your sentence-level writing. Attendees will walk away with helpful worksheets and specific tools to break the overwhelming task of revision down into manageable pieces, start to finish.

Participants will be provided worksheets to help guide revisions.

NaNoWriMo Prep: Using Fast Drafting to Silence the Inner Editor ($25)

Does your internal editor make it hard for you to complete a novel-length work? Do have a secret stock-pile of half-finished manuscripts that never seem to make it to done? Have you always wanted to participate in NaNoWriMo, but didn’t know how to get started? If you answered yes to any of these questions, this webinar is for you. Join seasoned fast-drafter Julie Artz in a session dedicated to proven fast-drafting techniques that will help you silence that inner editor, kick-start your creativity, and “win” NaNo this November!

Understanding World Building Essentials: How to Write the Perfect Fantasy Query & Synopsis ($35)

Writing and creating a fantasy world is no easy task with in-depth world building, character development, and layering plots and subplots. But what is the best way to condense and convey an epic story in a query and synopsis? Join literary agents Meg LaTorre-Snyder and Kaitlyn Johnson of the Corvisiero Literary Agency as they dive into how to write the perfect fantasy query and synopsis, covering some of the biggest industry questions such as: how much world building is too much, when to use world-specific names, how many characters to include, and much more.

Avoiding Social Media Snafus with Literary Agent Natascha Morris ($25)

Have you ever seen an editor or agent tweet about something and you are dying to respond? BUT WAIT. You want them to respond and like you. If you’ve ever found yourself recomposing tweets constantly, this webinar is for you. See real world examples of what not to do and get some advice on how to engage with publishing professionals on social media.

A First Chapter Masterclass with mentor Julia Nobel ($25)

This webinar provides a simple approach to writing a killer opening so that readers (and agents) are begging you for more! In this two hour masterclass, we will:

  • Create a first chapter blueprint that uses goals, roadblocks, and voice so that you can hook your readers from Page 1
  • Dissect how the world’s best writers are using variations of this blueprint to create wildly different openings so that you can use this blueprint to write a highly original opening no matter what your genre or style
  • Workshop a few lucky participants’ openings live so that you can see exactly how to take a good opening and make it unforgettable

Query Letters 101 with Literary Agent Maria Vicente ($25)

If you’re struggling to write a query letter, then this is the webinar for you!

Maria Vicente is going to take you through the complete process of condensing your manuscript into an attention-grabbing pitch. You’ll learn the key components of a query letter, common querying mistakes to avoid, and next-level tips that will make your pitch stand out from the crowd.

Pitch Perfect with Literary Agent Melissa Edwards ($25)

This webinar will be a how-to guide for successfully pitching your manuscript. Whether verbally or through written communication, pitching can be stressful and overwhelming. The purpose of this webinar will be to break down some of the mystery and help make pitching a little more fun for both the writer and the editor/ agent receiving the original pitch.

7 Biggest Pitfalls Writers Miss in Revision with Literary Agent Steven Salpeter ($25)

Are you getting your novel ready for submission? Before starting to build his own list, literary agent Steven Salpeter read manuscripts for agents at three major agencies and sent revision notes to over one hundred successful authors. Based on this experience, Steven identified the seven biggest mistakes he routinely saw from authors and how you can avoid them when revising your MS.

Whether you’re writing your debut or your break-out, the pitfalls covered in this session could potentially stop your polished manuscript from finding the success it deserves. Don’t let this happen to you! Let a literary agent walk you through the biggest mistakes writers make when revising their manuscripts and querying literary agents.

Successful Queries & Industry Introduction with Agent and Founder of Triada US Literary, Uwe Stender ($25)

Is one of your new year’s resolutions to get your query in tip top shape? If so, don’t miss this Pitch Wars webinar with literary agent Dr. Uwe Stender.

Using examples, Uwe will show webinar participants how to write a query that will get requests from agents. Uwe will point out the pitfalls authors often fall victim to and how to avoid them.

Utilizing Story Structure in SFF with Agent, Sam Morgan of Foundry Literary + Media ($25)

Prophecies and the Chosen One. Sometimes it seems like Science Fiction and Fantasy are always telling the same stories. Well, they are. In this webinar, we’ll look at common story structure tropes and how to use them, subvert them, and recognize them to the benefit of your story!

Getting an Agent’s Attention: Query and First Page Bootcamp with Agent Suzie Townsend of New Leaf Media ($25)

If you want to get a literary agent, you have to hook them quickly with your submission materials. And the two most important items during your initial agent inquiry are the all-important query letter and first pages of your story. This Webinar will teach how to create an amazing agent submission.

Writing a strong query letter requires a great hook and clear premise. The first sentence should immediately catch the reader’s attention, while the ending should leave the reader wanting to dive into the pages of the manuscript. Your first pages should work similarly—you want the person reading to find it absolutely unputdownable. But this takes practice, patience, and an eye for detail. This webinar will cover writing the most effective query letter, starting with your strongest possible first pages, as well as useful tips and resources about the actual querying process.

NOTE: This webinar answered many personal questions and will also come with a packet of Suzie’s examples.


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