After a day long event, drinking cup after cup of coffee, my fantabulous judges have picked the twenty semi-finalists. I want to thank J9, C, and Godzilla (that’s my nicknames for them) for their tireless efforts to choose from such stellar entries. Though I had read for the first round, I nominated more than half of the entries for the judges round. Basically, I’m writing this in the wee hours, so excuse any typos.

I want to thank everyone for participating. You all did a wonderful job, and we had a difficult time narrowing the list. I’ve given each of the top twenty entries their own posts. Please feel free to congratulate the semi-finalists in their comments, but refrain from critiquing. You can go to their sites if you want to critique their work.

And a bit on competition. I came across a post by Kalen O’Donnell that summed it up nicely. Go check it out here. The competition is fierce out there, so you definitely need to shine in your opening words.

And now I turn it over to our awesome judge, agent Natalie Fischer with the Bradford Literary Agency to pick the top three. Thanks Natalie!

Natalie Fischer – Adventures in Agentland


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