Twitter Pitch Party … the details!


For those of you who didn’t make the cut into The Writer’s Voice, and for those of you who didn’t enter and want to pitch, we’re holding a Twitter Pitch Party on May 28 from 8AM to 8PM EDT. So get your 140 character twitter pitch ready. Make sure to include the hashtag #PitMad and try to fit the genre (YA, MG, Adult, NA, and so on) in the pitch. We’ve had some success stories come out of our previous PitMads so shine up the pitches! 

Please note: BEA (BookExpo America) is happening in New York City on May 19, so we might not have as large as a turn out with this one. The agents I’ve talked to will be around, but others may be traveling or in meetings that day. So we’ll see what happens. 

Please keep in mind that we try to coax agents and publishers to come onto to the hashtag, so we never know how the turn out will be or who will be lurking to make requests. But I have had some publishers and agents say they would stop by. As always, make sure to vet any agents or publishers who make an offer. You want to find the right agent or publisher for you. 

RULES: The rules are simple. All genres are welcomed. Throughout the day tweet your pitch. Try not to do it too much. When you see an industry professional on the feed, tweet it once. Make sure to include the hashtag and your genre (if you can fit it). The agents/publishers will tweet their submission preferences and @ you or favorite your tweets if they want to see more. And finally, be nice and courteous to each other, and especially to the industry professionals. 

If your searching for critique partners, check out You can post your “I’m looking for a critique partner” ad on the forum, post upcoming contests, or ask mentors questions you may have. 

Also, I’ve started a thread over on for you all to post your pitches and help each other shine them up. It’s in the Contest Discussion tab.

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