To Adverb or Not to Adverb


To Adverb or Not to Adverb with Nikki Roberti

A couple months ago, I put out a call to the online writing community for what they’d want to see covered in a writing vlog since my S.P.E.A.K video drummed up such a fun conversation on Twitter. This tweet from MyTwiceBakedPotato inspired me to tackle a hotly debated issue:


Screen Shot 2015-05-03 at 8.48.54 PM

In the grand scheme of novel writing, it seems like such an insignificant issue. But for many, it’s turned into a stressor and even a divider among writers (and even other publishing professionals). Some say to nix all the adverbs entirely, while others say to use it sparingly.

But limiting your adverbs doesn’t have to steal your narrative’s voice from all its awesomeness. In fact, it can do the opposite.

Check out my video below on what minimizing your adverbs can mean for your writing, and leave a comment below with your take on the adverb debate.

Also, we challenge you to post a before and after in the comments of an adverb-ridden sentence you’ve chosen to revise to make more voicey and beautiful. Happy writing, and may the words be with you!

What do you think about the adverb debate? Comment below!


Nikki Nikki Roberti is a young adult author represented by Carrie Howland of the Donadio and Olson literary agency. When she’s not writing books, being Brenda Drake’s assistant or paling around on Twitter getting to know other writers, she’s a full-time marketing writer for a non-profit and freelance journalist/editor. She’s also super looking forward to being a Pitch Wars mentor this year. Follow her on Twitter and check out her author website.

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