Time to put the baby to bed . . . for now.

Well, I’ve kind of ignored posting for awhile for good reasons.  Life.  Since it’s not the morning, I’m not drinking coffee but a Gallo Cabernet.  Yummy.  Totally fruity, I must say.  So you might wonder if I’m celebrating, and I am.  I’m celebrating that my husband has poker tonight, and I can watch Project Runway in peace.  I’m celebrating how beautiful, warm, and blue today was.  And I’m celebrating the fact that I can move on to a new chapter, literary and figuratively, that is.

Finally, I can put my current WIP to bed and not rock and coddle the darn thing anymore.  I’ve completed the first chapter in the new WIP, and I decided to take a break before beginning the next chapter.  Which brings me to wonder if other writers have difficulty knowing when it’s time to tuck their little darlings into bed and turn off the light.  That’s a hard thing for me to do.  I can obsess and fret over one sentence forever.  Then there are days where everything just feels right, and I log many miles on the keyboard until I have blisters on my fingertips.  I wish my brain could keep up with my hands.

When the words aren’t coming to me, I pack up the laptop and head for somewhere else.  During the winter, it’s usually a bookstore (coffee shop a must) and when it’s a day like today it is my neighborhood park.  The Albuquerque mountains are my backyard.  And today they looked amazing under the bright blue sky.  

I never realized how many dogs live in my neighborhood until today.  They were out in packs.  I swear.  Every single one had to say “hi” to me today.  I couldn’t get any work done from my perch on a park bench.  So I came home and sat on my balcony instead.  Anyway, I  hope the warm spell lasts.  I’m totally ready for spring, and I think my new novel is too!  That’s it.  Slurp!

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