There’s Always Tomorrow…In appreciation

Thank you for your kind words!

Today the sun is blazing on Albuquerque after a long bleak weekend. We said goodbye to  a dear friend. There were a lot of comments added to my post about my recent trials. I came on this morning, and most of the wonderful comments had disappeared. I have no idea where they went or how to restore them. Blogger did something with them. But know I read them and cherish each and every word of encouragement. This is going to be a short post until my usual one on Wednesday. I just wanted to thank you all for holding me up last week.

I was so proud of my friends’ boys and how strong they were during the memorial for their mother. The oldest boy gave a tribute to his mother that was so special we were all in awe. He nailed it. He spoke of how wonderful she was before her struggles and how brave she was during them. He finished by saying that she chose to leave for her own reasons, and that none of us should blame ourselves. We were all just busy living life. I witnessed the careless boy of yesterday become a man over the past week and I know his mother would have been proud of him.

Update: I am healthy and full of energy today. My procedure confirmed that I’m still cancer free. My friend who was struggling with complications from Strep went on dialysis and she is stable. 

Again thank you for being there!

12 comments to There’s Always Tomorrow…In appreciation

  • I’m so glad that you’re healthy and feeling well today. I have a newfound respect for you, my friend. All the best…

  • It sounds like it was a lovely service and your friend’s sons handled it amazingly.

    Thank goodness you’re cancer free!!! And I’m so glad your friend with strep is stable! Here’s to a better summer than spring! Hang in there girl. *hugs*

  • Your friend’s son was right- there was nothing you could have done to stop her. She did leave for her own reasons and it’s not your fault, although I’m sure you will miss her forever.

    So glad that you are cancer-free! Yay! I hate cancer, I wish I could kick it’s ass.

  • Wow, he sounds like an amazing boy – I’m sad that he has to go through this, but sounds to me like he’s got the right attitude about it.

  • So glad the sun is peeking through the clouds. May it get even brighter. Poor boys. I’m glad you’re healhy! Keep hanging in there.

  • Thanks everyone! It’s amazing how a week can bring about new joys. We’re now celebrating graduations and birthdays, which reminds a person of how special each and every person is in your life. How if you just wait out the storm the sun does shine again. I’m so thankful for everyone who adds joy in my life.

  • Wow, that just breaks my heart. I can’t help but think if I had succeeded those many moons ago, my son would have only known I left him. He wouldn’t have known I was doing it to keep from hurting him anymore (tough thing to deal with me everyday at that time). I wouldn’t have met my husband or had three more blessings. I know now my leaving would have only hurt people more than them seeing and living my struggle with me. Many, like your friend, don’t get to see that side because the pain is too much and they “succeed”. Hugs to those children and more hugs to you.

    I am so glad that you are doing better, and I’m so happy to hear you are still cancer free. Big Hugs.

  • Brenda, I am thrilled to hear that you are well and your friend too. That young man is an amazing person. To understand so much at such a you age is truly amazing. His mother would be proud.

    Enjoy the sun and continue rejuvenating yourself emotionally and physically. We are ALWAYS here for you when you need us.


  • So glad you’re feeling better! I hope that sun blazes over you for a long, long time ~ 🙂

  • I’m so sorry. I do know what depression feels like. It’s frightening though when it goes that far. Hindsight is always 20/20, but I’m glad to hear her sons are strong. I’m also glad you had a positive outcome from your own ordeal.

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  • I am so glad that you’re doing well with your own personal struggles. The loss of loved ones is always hard, and finding the bright spots in life sometimes come with a price.

    Since I subscribed to your blog, you have made me smile and at times shed a tear.

    Keep your head up, because tomorrow is another day, and today never lasts forever.

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