UPDATE: Due to unforeseen events, Lauren will be reading entries through Sunday, July 8. Thanks for your patience! 

It’s finally here! The posts that follow this one are the entries for THAT DOGGONE VOICE WORKSHOP. I’ve brought together my agent, Lauren Hammond with ADA Management and some talented writers, Leigh Ann Kopans, Becca (Becks) Coffindaffer, and Marieke Nijkamp (The V-Team) who I’ve noticed had fantabulous writing voices to help me out. Go here for more information about the workshop and a post about voice.

And here’s the quick details… 

 Lauren Hammond, Agent with ADA Management
Twitter: @NovelistLauren

(Commenting as Lola7384)

Lauren will take the next week to tell the lucky winners’ (who snagged a spot in the workshop) whether their first 250 words of their finished manuscript or work in progress has voice or not.

Introducing the Voice Team … 

Along with the talented Lauren’s comments, I have a team full of awesomeness who I feel have such wonderful voices that will critique the entries during the week.

Leigh Ann Kopans

Becca C.
Becca (Becks) Coffindaffer
Marieke Nijkamp

Please address all questions or concerns in the comments of this post. Also, if you have an entry in the workshop and something went wonky with the formatting, please let me know. 

Don’t forget to check out INSANITY and WHITE WALLS, by Lauren Hammond. 


Buy them here:

And check out the upcoming Entangled Publishing pitch event on July 16.

Please do not comment until Lauren and the V-Team have critiqued the entries. If you have questions or want to cheer on your friends you can do so on this post. Thank you!

If you want to rework your entry, post it in the comments of your entry’s post. Becks and I will critique those/or the originals if you prefer.


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